Data integrity and full traceability for volumetric Karl Fischer titration

Performing titrations under GxP conditions or in regulated environments must not be underestimated. Is the titration performed with the correct instrument and reagents? Do the hardware and reagents qualify for the application? And, finally, is this information properly documented together with the results so all this can be easily looked up and checked before, during and after the analysis, e.g., during an audit?

Webinar Smart Reagents and OMNIS

In a joint webinar, speakers from Metrohm and Honeywell discuss the features and benefits of the unique combination of the OMNIS titration platform from Metrohm with the NextGen Smart Reagents from Honeywell.

This fully integrated solution uses RFID technology to transfer complete information about the reagent into the OMNIS Software and benefits users with a new level of convenience, data integrity, and end-to-end traceability of the analysis.

Participants in this webinar will learn ...

  • how modern Karl Fischer titrators improve safety in the laboratory and can prevent handling and application errors
  • how OMNIS Software can simplify documentation and safeguard data security and integrity
  • how easy it is to trace results back to the reagent manufacturer’s certificates (end-to-end traceability)

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