Applied near-infrared spectroscopy – collected applications (250+) available free

Técnico de laboratorio con aparato de análisis de espectroscopía del infrarrojo cercano con sonda
Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is a straightforward, fast, and nondestructive analytical technique providing multi-constituent analysis of virtually any matrix. NIRS does not require any sample preparation whatsoever, which means that there is no handling of hazardous chemicals, solvents, or reagents involved.

NIRS thus belongs to the reagent-free methodologies, for which reason it is a contribution to the EPA’s green chemistry initiative.

The spectra recorded by NIRS provide information on a multitude of chemical properties as well as on physical properties, e.g. particle size, of the sample and its constituents.
While NIRS can be used in the QC laboratory, the great advantage of NIRS is that instruments such as the Metrohm NIRSystems process line are designed for use at every point in the manufacturing process, starting from checking the quality of incoming goods in the warehouse to monitoring actual production to controlling the quality of the final product.

Metrohm is pleased to provide collected applications for NIRS to the following industries: