Karl Fischer Titration – nobody does it like Metrohm

Coulómetro para determinación del contenido de agua

When it comes to Karl Fischer titration, Metrohm is the benchmark: Whatever the matrix you need to determine the water content in, Metrohm provides a dedicated technical solution – plus the corresponding application document how to go about it. From solid matrices (think tablets or plastic pellets) to viscous ones (think lubricants) to liquid ones (think solvents) to highly volatile ones (think gaseous monomers), Metrohm is the world’s number one in Karl Fischer titration.

A set of exemplary applications emphasizes the capabilities of Metrohm when it comes to water determination by Karl Fischer titration in various matrices:


Dozens of other applications for volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titration can be downloaded from metrohm.com as well as information on dedicated solutions for sample preparation and automation. A dedicated monograph, FAQs, and video tutorials demonstrating the practical use of Karl Fischer titration step by step round out the comprehensive know-how available from Metrohm.

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