Automated Inline Sample Preparation for Ion Chromatography

Illustration of Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation for ion chromatography

Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP) puts an end to manual sample preparation in ion chromatography. MISP stands for techniques that allow users to fully automate the preparation of difficult samples. They benefit from substantial savings in time and money while improving the accuracy of their analyses.

Metrohm Inline Ultrafiltration reliably removes particles from the sample. As a result the analytical column is protected from contamination and its lifetime considerably increased.

Metrohm Inline Dialysis not only removes particles from the sample but also oil drops and colloids. Emulsions, samples containing fats and proteins, body fluids and strongly polluted wastewater can be reliably determined without damaging the column.

Metrohm Logical Inline Dilution provides for automatic dilution of the sample depending on the predefined concentration limits. Even the dilution factor is determined automatically making sure that results lie always within the calibration range and thus are correct.

Metrohm intelligent Partial Loop Injection (MiPT) automatically adjusts the injection volume to the concentration of the sample. This technique, too, makes sure that the results are always within the calibration range.

Metrohm Inline Extraction transfers water-soluble components form a non-polar organic phase into an aqueous phase for subsequent injection (after Inline Dialysis).

Metrohm Inline Matrix Elimination enables the separation of ionic analytes from the uncharged matrix without the use of sample preparation cartridges (SPE).

Metrohm Inline Preconcentration uses a preconcentration column and is ideally suited for trace analysis down to the ng/L concentration range.

Metrohm Inline Calibration allows to calibrate any standard concentration in the ppt range by using a single standard solution at the µg/L level. This enables accurate and reliable measurements down to the single-digit ng/L range.

Metrohm Inline Neutralization adjusts the pH of samples in order to prevent interferences with the analysis of anions. When combined with Inline Preconcentration, Inline Neutralization makes trace anion analysis possible.

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