Misa and Misa Cal M

Misa Cal

Mira for food quality testing, e.g., growth hormones in meat, illegal substances in processed food, or dyes in spices

Current version: Misa Cal 1.1.2

Misa Cal is the control, measurement, and data processing software solution for Misa spectrometers. Misa Cal allows full control of the instrument through the USB interface.

> Download the Misa Cal 1.1.2 software

Misa Cal M

Misa instrument for food testing using Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering

Current version: Misa Cal M 1.1.3

Misa Cal M is a specially developed mobile app for control and operation of Misa spectrometers through Bluetooth. The GUI has been planned for simplicity and ease of use. It is also meant to leverage the power of modern smart phones for data sharing.

Download the Misa Cal M app using this QR code:

QR code download Misa Cal M app

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