Eco Dosimat liquid handling system: Tutorials

Installation tutorial

This step-by-step video tutorial guides you through the installation procedure to set up your Eco Dosimat.

Technical documents

Find technical documents (Manual, Installation Guide, Product Information and EU Declaration of Conformity) for the Eco Dosimat here:

> Go to the Knowledge Base

Application tutorial videos

Manual titrations

How to perform manual titrations with the Eco Dosimat.

Precise dosing down to µL levels

  • Dosing fixed volumes: Enter the required volume via the touch display and start
  • Free dosing: Dose precise volumes using the Manual Dosing Controller

Control syntheses and chemical reactions

  • Dosing fixed volumes at defined rates
  • Dosing fixed volumes over a fixed time
  • Dosing at constant rate over a fixed time

Prepare standard solutions

Just enter the target concentration and the actual weight of the sample. The Eco Dosimat takes care of the rest, i.e., calculating and adding the required solvent volume.