VoltIC Professional

VoltIC Professional unites ion chromatography and voltammetry in a single, powerful system for trace ion analysis.

It enables fully automated, simultaneous determination of transition metals by VA and of anions and cations by IC. This is accompanied by considerable time and cost savings.

VoltIC Professional system: combined voltammetric and ion chromatographic analyses

Key features

  • The strengths of IC and voltammetry combined in one system

  • Fully automated analysis of up to 56 samples
  • Operation is done using a single software: MagIC Net

  • Results for all parameters displayed in one database

Comprehensive analysis in one go

VoltIC Professional performs simultaneous analyses by IC and by any voltammetric technique, including CVS.

So, whether your application involves comprehensive trace analysis or the determination of organic additives alongside ions in plating baths, VoltIC Professional is up for it.

Combined voltammetry and ion chromatography system

Save time on sample preparation

Both the ion chromatograph and the VA stand are fed from the same sample vessel.

This means that you only need to prepare your sample once for the combined IC and VA analyses.

Sample preparation for a VoltIC Professional system for combined voltammetric and ion chromatography analysis

A single software for operation and data management

The system is operated using the proven MagIC Net software.

Results of the VA and IC analyses are all collected in the program’s own database and can be displayed in joint reports.

Laboratory technicians discussing chromatogram in MagIC Net ion chromatography software

Shared automation equipment

In the VoltIC Professional system, the VA and IC units share an autosampler that delivers samples to them, making VoltIC Professional an efficient and cost-saving alternative to separate VA and IC analyses. The autosampler accommodates up to 56 samples.

Detail of VoltIC Professional system for combined voltammetric and ion chromatographic analysis

Diverse applications

Combined analysis by IC and VA has applications in many fields – below are some examples.
  • Environment: anions, cations and transition metals in water
  • Electronics manufacture: Brightener by CVS and SPS component by IC in acid copper baths
  • Power industry: anions and iron in water cycles (e.g., boiler feed water)