viva – software for voltammetry and CVS

viva is the new and powerful software from Metrohm that accompanies the Professional VA and CVS systems. viva is the control hub for your VA and CVS instrument.

It comes with a method editor, a “Workplace” that is freely configurable to your needs and preferences, and its own database for convenient results management.

Viva software on laptop with operator

Key features

  • Only voltammetry and CVS software in the market that offers full freedom of applications through flexible method programming
  • Convenient database allows easy access to past analyses including all measurement data and curves

  • Individual user access rights that are enforced by password protection can be set according to your in-house security policy

Freedom of applications

The integrated method editor allows viva users to develop and edit methods to suit their applications.

Whether you start from scratch or adapt the preprogrammed measuring sequences for common applications – you can simply add the individual steps of the method following the logic of the application.

Method creation view of viva software for cyclic voltammetric stripping applications

Built-in intelligence

What adds to your freedom is that the sequence of any method can be made dependent on events or parameters such as intermediate results.

For example, viva can calculate standard addition volumes. This improves accuracy and reduces measurement time.

Database view in viva software for voltammetry and CVS measurements

User-friendly operation

viva’s user interface is designed for transparent and intuitive handling.

The workplace keeps you up to date on everything you need to know, at one glance, and it can be configured according to your needs.

Workplace view of viva software for voltammetry and CVS measurements

The viva database – complete and clear

All determinations are stored in viva’s own integrated database.

They are displayed in a practical list view that allows you to see all important information on each measurement, including the results, at a glance.

By simply clicking on an item in the list, you get immediate access to the determination with all associated data such as curves – in subwindows, while keeping the overview of all determinations in sight.

Sort, search, and filter functions help finding the data you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Database view of viva software for voltammetric measurements

The database: going beyond data storage

In addition to offering you easy and complete access to data from past measurements, the viva database also enables to reprocess this, be it to evaluate unidentified peaks or to recalibrate retroactively with a newly measured standard solution.

Meanwhile, none of your data is lost – the original and final versions as well as all intermediate versions can be retrieved at any time.

Results reprocessing view of viva software for cyclic voltammetric stripping measurements

Customized, automatic report generation

Report generation with viva is just a matter of seconds.

You can choose from different report templates, but, without any great effort, they can be freely edited to include the information that is relevant for you.

The viva report generator takes care of everything else.

Reports from viva software for voltammetry and CVS measurements

Client-server operation: Benefit from central data management

A client-server version of viva is available.

If you choose this, methods and determinations from different workstations are stored centrally on the viva server. This means that you can access them from every PC that has a viva client installed on it, whether at the measuring position or in the office.

Illustration of a network of voltammetry or CVS analyzers in the dedicated software

Ensure security through individual access rights

Access rights can be defined for each user. Password protection prevents unauthorized access to data and program parts.

This way you can, for example, safeguard sensitive data or make sure that important methods are not changed by unauthorized users.

User administration view in viva software for voltammetry and CVS measurements