The Particle Into Liquid Sampler, or PILS for short, transfers aerosols from an airstream to the aqueous phase.

Airborne particulate matter that can otherwise not be analyzed by ion chromatography or voltammetry is thereby made available for these techniques, enabling the trace determination of water-soluble anions and cations as well as heavy metals.

PILS – Particle into Liquid Sampler

Key features

  • Automated, semicontinuous air analyses with high temporal resolution
  • On-site analysis – no sample storage or transport needed
  • Contamination-free aerosol collection thanks to inline coupling of PILS to the analysis systems
  • Simple coupling to an ion chromatography and voltammetry system

Fully automated analysis of aerosols

All you need to do to analyze aerosols using the PILS-VA system is start the system in the viva software – everything else is done automatically. Standardized, automated sampling and analysis ensure superior reproducibility.
Traffic and smog

Easy interfacing to IC and VA systems

Whether you want to analyze standard ions in aerosols by IC or heavy metals by VA – or both – the respective instruments are easily coupled to the Particle Into Liquid Sampler, enabling comprehensive analysis of your sample.

The complete set of results is saved in a single database and combined in one report, as with all Metrohm hyphenated techniques.

Particle Into Liquid Sampler for voltammetric or ion-chromatography analysis

PILS adapts to your application

The highly flexible PILS can also be used for determinations in combination with mass spectrometry or water soluble organic carbon analyzers, for example. Alternatively, the samples can be collected in sample vessels for offline determination, using an autosampler.
The Particle Into Liquid Sampler transfers aerosols from an airstream to an aqueous phase

High temporal resolution

PILS in combination with IC or VA enables semi-continuous air monitoring at a high temporal resolution: measurements can be done hourly. This way, passing peaks in, e.g., pollutant concentrations are not missed by averaging over long sample collection times as when using filters for sampling.
Results of voltammetric and ion chromatography analysis of aerosols

Unattended measuring

Fully automated measurements can be done even over extended periods of time thanks to the use of supply bottles and rinsing canisters.
Particle Into Liquid Sampler for aerosol analysis