Automation options for your Titrando

High sample throughput, tedious and repetitive manual work, and ever-increasing time pressure – these are good reasons for you to automate processes.

Metrohm offers flexible and expandable automation options for the Titrando, ranging from liquid handling and homogenization to weighing and direct measurement.
Titrando Automation

Key features

  • Suitable sample changers for any requirements
  • Automated liquid handling and homogenization to reduce workload in the lab
  • Sample preparation and titrating in one run for improved traceability

  • Preconfigured systems that suit your application

Automation for Titrando systems (25)

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Time is precious. Precision is invaluable.

Time is precious. By automating your processes, you will no longer waste valuable time doing repetitive work a machine could do for you faster and better.

Precision is invaluable. Increase the precision in your lab with automation. In automated processes, each sample is handled exactly the same way, and, as a consequence, your results will be more consistent and comparability will be improved.
Sample processor for automated potentiometric titration

Small, medium, or large: sample changing for any requirements

Step up your sample throughput with automated sample changing. Metrohm offers a selection of sample changers tailored to your needs.

For small and medium-sized sample series (in the range of 12 to 48 samples, depending on the beaker size), the 814 USB Sample Processor is the instrument of choice. This robust standard sample processor is particularly suited to routine applications involving sample changing and basic liquid handling tasks.

If you would like to automate more demanding liquid handling tasks and analyze larger sample series (between 28 and 228 samples, depending on the application and the beakers), then you should opt for the 815 USB Sample Processor XL. This instrument will greatly facilitate your work in the lab, as, for instance, it is capable of automatic pipetting of the sample.

814 Robotic USB Sample Processor for automated titration with a Titrando titrator

Homogenization and titration: all in one smooth procedure

You can take automation one step further and include sample preparation using the 815 Robotic Titration Soliprep. Homogenization, liquid handling, and analysis can thus be performed in one streamlined procedure.

On a different note: sample preparation for HPLC and IC applications

The 815 Robotic Soliprep can also be used for other sample preparation procedures, such as filtering a sample or dispensing it into sealed vials. This is often required for HPLC or IC applications. Learn more about automated sample preparation.
Fully automatic preparation of solid samples for potentiometric titration applications

MATi systems: preconfigured packages for specific applications

With great flexibility comes a multitude of options.

However, you don’t have to bother putting together your titrator, electrode, sample changer, and accessories. We’ve done that for you. Our MATi systems are all-inclusive packages that contain everything you need for a specific application.

Automated potentiometric titrator for COD samples


I have complete confidence in the automated capabilities of our Metrohm equipment.
lab technician, ALS Inspection, United Kingdom
This system is excellent. It frees us from tedious work and saves a lot of time.
Fen Yu, lab technician at Guangzhou Special Pressure Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, China