Metrohm's high-end titrator for discerning professionals.

Titrando titrators have been developed to meet exacting titration demands. These titrators come with a wide range of security and traceability options, making them particularly suitable for use in regulated industries. Titrandos are capable of performing all common titration types and offer a host of automation and control options.

Titrando with Touch Control and operator

Key features

  • Full traceability (audit trail) and compliance (FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GLP, GMP)
  • Improved convenience through iTrodes, Dosino technology, and tiamo software
  • Additional dosing devices, stirrers, and measuring inputs for customized setups
  • Extensive automation options for increased sample throughput and sample preparation

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Titrando: the way you want it

Titrandos can be fully tailored to your specific requirements.

They can either be used as stand-alone titrators or integrated into an overarching network. Operation has been optimized for both scenarios: you can use a convenient Touch Control unit or the elaborate tiamo software to tap the full potential of your Titrando system.

Titrando titration system with sample changer and touch control unit for instrument control

iTrodes: intelligent electrodes for full traceability

Titrando systems are used in conjunction with intelligent iTrode electrodes.

These electrodes contain a data chip with the relevant sensor data, such as article and serial number, calibration data, service life information, and validity of the calibration. When you connect the iTrode to the titrator, this data is read in. Thus, mix-ups or editing errors are excluded, and each analytical result can be traced back to the electrode used.

Combined pH glass electrode with Pt 1000 temperature sensor for measurements in difficult media

Certified dosing elements: doing the thinking for you

Like the iTrodes, the Exchange or Dosing Units that are used with Titrando systems are equipped with a data chip.

Important information is stored on this chip, e.g., type of reagent, titer, last titer determination, and expiry dates. Your Titrando uses this data to carry out the titration properly.

Let your titration system do the thinking for you: The titrator checks if this data is compatible with the method selected and notifies you if inconsistencies are found. As a result, titration errors are minimized.
5-mL Dosino dosing unit compatible with ISO/DIN GL45 thread reagent bottles

Ethernet and USB: for maximum system integration

When it comes to connectivity, the possibilities with a Titrando system are virtually endless.

Integrate your titration system into a LIMS via Ethernet connection and benefit from time savings achieved with a sample processor connected via USB. Furthermore, the USB interfaces can also be used for connecting printers, barcode readers, or other auxiliary devices.

USB and Ethernet cables

Self-diagnosis, electrode test, titer monitoring: for full regulatory compliance

Titrando titration systems offer you a variety of features to ensure regulatory compliance, e.g., with GMP/GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

For instance, they perform a self-diagnosis during startup and have a GLP-compliant electrode test function. In addition, you can implement an audit trail with the Titrando, regardless of whether you operate it with a Touch Control or with the tiamo software.

Operator filling out a form

Extension and automation options: for increased efficiency and productivity

If your requirements change, then your Titrando system will change with them.

The Titrando can be used for parallel titration and equipped with additional burets, measuring interfaces, and dosing devices. In the maximum configuration, a Titrando titration system can operate 12 burets and 6 galvanically separated measuring inputs.

High sample throughput, tedious and repetitive manual work, and ever-increasing time pressure – these are good reasons for you to automate analyses. Metrohm offers a broad selection of automation options for the Titrando that allow you to increase productivity and consistency.

The more samples need to be analyzed, the more space is required in the lab. The 855 Robotic Titrosampler is the answer to this problem. This "all-in-one" instrument combines the benefits of Titrando and Sample Processor in one device. It takes up less space and affords you easy control of the automated procedure, whether you want to titrate or include sample preparation steps like pipetting prior to the determination. 

tiamo titration software

Outstanding ease of use, full traceability, powerful database management.

That's tiamo!

Touch Control unit

Do you want to keep it simple in your laboratory? If so, the Touch Control is for you.

Touch Control

Automation options

Find out how you can increase efficiency and reduce costs in your laboratory with an automation solution from Metrohm.

Automation solutions

Sample preparation

Automated liquid handling, homogenization, and analysis: save time with a sample preparation solution from Metrohm.

Sample preparation
We use the Metrohm Titrando, with good reproducibility and repeatability of results.
Trinidad Espinosa, head of the lubricants laboratory, CEPSA Research Center, Spain