tiamo™ – titration software for professionals who expect a little more

tiamo is short for titration and more.

And this is a promise. This software application affords you full control of your titration processes, devices, and data.

With this software, you can store, manage, reprocess, and exchange data – on an individual PC or within a client/server network, depending on your needs.

Easy operation, flexibility, and data security are the mainstay of this software.

tiamo with operator

Key features

  • More functionality: data monitoring, administration, and editing
  • More flexibility: client/server functionality, parallel titration, and method programming
  • More security:
    data backup, traceability, and Audit Trail function
  • More ease of use: numerous language versions, logical user interface, and Plug & Play

Take control with tiamo: one tool for device control and database management

tiamo is a titration software that puts you in control of all aspects of your titration processes.

You can specify all steps of the titration method and control all system components: the titrator, dosing devices, sample processors, and auxiliary devices.

Furthermore, tiamo comes with extensive database functionality. This means that titration data can be recorded, stored, and reprocessed as necessary – the possibilities with tiamo are virtually endless.

System for fully automated preparation of solid samples for titration applications

Create your own methods: as easy as playing with building blocks

Only your imagination sets the limit when it comes to method editing.

tiamo enables you to create the method that exactly suits your requirements, as straightforward as you want it or as elaborate as you need it.

Method environment in tiamo titration software

Enjoy the convenience: logical user interface and numerous language versions

A wide range of functions does not necessarily entail a high degree of complexity.

Using tiamo is very convenient. It has been designed with a logical and clearly structured user interface, which, in addition, is available in many language versions (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Japanese, Chinese, and Traditional Chinese).

Workplace view of the tiamo titration software

Set up tiamo the way you need it: user interface, reports, and user rights

tiamo allows you to adjust the user interface to your taste.

Display only the windows you need and hide the ones you don’t need with tiamo’s layout manager.

The same principle was also applied to tiamo’s report generator: create your own layout, put in the information you need, and leave out what you don’t need.

You also have the possibility to assign the appropriate rights to the individual users, thus making sure, for example, that methods are not accidentally modified by an unauthorized user.
Reports produced with tiamo titration software for potentiometric titration and coulometric and volumetric water content determination

Unprecedented flexibility: with client/server option and parallel titration

tiamo will adapt to your needs – not the other way around.

You can use this software either on a single PC in the lab or create a client/server network to store and manage your data centrally.

Instrument control is also highly flexible: With tiamo, you can control several titration systems with one PC, and even several titrations can be carried out in parallel.

Illustration of network possibilities in tiamo titration software

All data security and QA requirements met: GMP/GLP/FDA and traceability

When it comes to security, traceability, and quality assurance, tiamo leaves nothing to be desired.

GMP, GLP, and FDA regulations or other Quality Assurance requirements – they all can be implemented with tiamo.

In addition to password monitoring, extensive user administration, and backup options, tiamo has full audit trail capabilities. As a result, all actions taken by all users are documented.

Screenshot of Audit Trail feature in tiamo software for titration


Operation of tiamo is very simple and any data required can be accessed at all workplaces.
Thomas Fischer, Scientific Manager at Oel Check GmbH, Germany
tiamo is very flexible and enables us to adapt method parameters … We have chosen tiamo for its traceability capabilities.
Violaine Bataille, SGS Multilab, France