tiBase – intelligent titration software

Data storage and traceability are crucial aspects in modern chemical laboratories.

Metrohm offers a solution that has all your needs covered: tiBase, an easy-to-use, versatile database software tool.

If you are using an instrument from either the Titrino plus or Ti-Touch family, then you can store determinations, methods, and settings on a computer with this software product.

tiBase CD

Key features

  • Full traceability of determinations
  • Extensive data administration: importing/exporting and reprocessing
  • Improved security through electronic signatures
  • Flexible system: various formats and optional client/server functionality

Store your data

This database software enables you to store data recorded by your titrator on a computer.

Your determinations are therefore safely archived in a database, giving you full traceability of all aspects of the determinations. The software stores not only the determinations, but also the settings, methods, and user information.

Database view in tiBase database software for titration

Administer your data

Apart from storing data, tiBase also helps you with data administration.

This software will greatly facilitate your work, because you can search for and filter determinations. In addition, tiBase enables you to create customized reports, giving you the freedom to include only the specific information you need

tiBase can also be integrated into a client/server network. This gives you the possibility to administer data centrally.

Reports produced with tiBase database software for titration

Reprocess your data

With tiBase, you can also reprocess data.

This is particularly helpful if you wish to correct the sample weight or use a different formula to calculate results, for example.

It goes without saying that all the changes that are made to a determination are recorded and that the original determination can be restored – tiBase gives you the freedom to modify determinations and the confidence that no data is lost.

Reprocessing view in tiBase software for titration

Protect your data

Data stored in tiBase are secure.

This is achieved with a two-level electronic signature function. Once a determination has been signed on both levels, it is protected against further manipulation.

Setting digital signatures in tiBase database software for titration

Exchange your data

The determinations are automatically imported into tiBase when a USB flash drive or CompactFlash card containing determinations is connected to the computer.

Data export from tiBase is straightforward and available in various formats for further processing in Microsoft Office applications.

Import view in tiBase database software for titration