Ti-Touch and 810 Sample Processor: a perfect match

High sample throughput, tedious and repetitive manual work, and ever-increasing time pressure – these are good reasons for you to automate analyses.

To do so, you can combine your Ti-Touch titrator with an 810 Sample Processor. Given the sample processor’s small size, you can save time and space in your laboratory.

This reliable and robust instrument is the smart choice for routine applications.

Key features

  • Time savings
    Eliminate time-consuming work steps
  • Better quality of your results:
    Improve reproducibility and precision through standardized procedures
  • Safer working
    Minimize direct contact with hazardous substances

Speed up your analyses by eliminating manual work

Increase the sample throughput with a Metrohm sample processor.

By automating procedures, you can run sample series automatically, thus eliminating time-consuming work steps.

You just place the samples in the sample rack, initiate the analysis, and that’s it.

Automated titration with automatic solvent addition, measurement, liquid disposal, and electrode cleaning

Standardization means increased precision and reproducibility

If you use automated procedures, you can be sure that each sample is processed in exactly the same way.

As a result, the comparability of your analyses and the reproducibility of your results will improve.

Rack of a sample processor for automated processing of routine samples

Automation increases work safety

The 810 Sample Processor allows you to minimize direct contact with potentially hazardous substances (e.g., sample or reagents).

Many steps can be done fully automatically without any interaction, such as, the addition of reagents, cleaning of the equipment, or collecting the rinsing solution in waste containers.

Automated standalone potentiometric titrator for routine analysis