The StabNet software accompanies the stability measuring instruments, i.e.,

  • the 892 Professional Rancimat,
  • the 893 Professional Biodiesel Rancimat,
  • and the 895 Professional PVC Thermomat.

It serves as control hub, but at the same time, StabNet calculates results, handles data management and storage in its own database, and it takes care of quality assurance.

StabNet screenshot overview

Key features

  • Clear layout for intuitive handling
  • Database with flexible search, filter, sorting, and statistics functions
  • High transparency of data evaluation and results calculation
  • Data security thanks to automatic backup function
  • Available as client-server version

Clear user interface for intuitive operation

Thanks to StabNet’s clearly laid out user interface, the operation of Metrohm stability measuring instruments is intuitive.

The workplace parallels the instrument setup with its two heating blocks with four measuring positions each, making it easy to set the test parameters and follow the progress of each sample.

Workplace view of StabNet software for oxidation and stability measurement

Automatic results evaluation

The induction time or stability time is calculated automatically from the measurement data.

If you carried out replicate measurements, StabNet’s statistics provides the numbers you need, e.g., the mean value as well as the relative and absolute standard deviations.

Statistics view in StabNet Database software for oxidation and thermal stability measurement

Temperature extrapolation

StabNet offers you the possibility of temperature extrapolation.

Using the mathematical dependency between the temperature and the measuring result (i.e., induction time or stability time), the software calculates results for temperatures that haven’t been tested.

Thanks to this handy feature, you can speed up determinations by increasing the test temperature or very roughly estimate the shelf life of a product at storage temperature.

Extrapolation view in StabNet software for oxidation and thermal stability measurement

Keeping data safe and results transparent

StabNet stores all determinations including method and instrument parameters in its own database.

If results are reevaluated, the original version as well as all following versions, up to the final one, are kept and can be retrieved at any time. The database features search, filter, and sorting functions that make sure you find past determinations easily.

Database view in StabNet software for oxidation and thermal stability measurement

Report generation according to your needs

You can create customized reports in next to no time: simply adapt the available templates to include the data you want to show, the way you want to show it.

Reports produced with StabNet software for oxidation and stability measurement

Integrated quality assurance for reliable results

StabNet is equipped with quality assurance tools that ensure that you can rely on your results at all times.

For example, there is a wizard that guides you through the calibration of your conductivity sensor, if required. StabNet fulfills all requirements of GLP and, for the Professional Rancimat, the FDA.

Workplace wizard in StabNet software for oxidation and stability measurement

Optional client-server version available

There is a client-server version of StabNet.

If you opt for this, all methods and determinations are stored centrally on the StabNet server, and you benefit from all the perks that central data management has to offer: e.g., data can be accessed from any PC that has as StabNet client installed on it, and data access can be restricted by individual user access rights.

Illustration of network functionality of StabNet software for oxidation and thermal stability measurement