The 892 Professional Rancimat determines the oxidation stability of natural fats and oils, in their pure form as well as in fat-containing foods and cosmetics, using the established Rancimat method.

To this end, it accelerates the aging process of the sample by exposing it to heat and increased volumes of air, and it measures the time that passes until oxidation takes place at a high rate – the induction time or oxidation stability index (OSI). Operation, evaluation, and data management in the user-friendly StabNet software for PC make analyses with the Rancimat easy and safe.

892 Professional Rancimat with operator

Key features

  • Compliant with standards including AOCS Cd 12b-92 and ISO 6886
  • User-friendly StabNet software for instrument control, results evaluation, and data management
  • Simultaneous analysis of up to eight samples
  • Each sample position can be started separately and directly on the instrument

Applications in quality control and in research

The Rancimat is most commonly applied to measure the oxidation stability of vegetable and animal oils and fats and to examine the effectiveness of antioxidants.

Other applications include measuring the oxidation stability of oil- and fat-containing foods such as instant noodles, cookies, and nuts, as well as cosmetics if they contain fats or oils.

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Oil sample on Rancimat system for oxidation stability measurement

Determination according to national and international standards

Various standards describe the Rancimat method, including those listed below.
  • AOCS Cd 12b-92 (AOCS – American Oil Chemists’ Society) Sampling and analysis of commercial fats and oils: Oil Stability Index
  • ISO 6886 Animal and vegetable fats and oils – Determination of oxidative stability (accelerated oxidation test)
  • Fat stability test on Autoxidation. CDM, Japan

Data acquisition, evaluation, and archiving with the modern StabNet software

StabNet is the control hub for the Rancimat: all instrument functions are controlled via PC with the software.

However, it also evaluates your results, archives all determinations in its own database, and much, much more.

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Logo of StabNet software for oxidation and thermal stability measurement

The Rancimat – a multitasker

The Rancimat has eight measuring positions, four in each one of its two independent heating blocks.

Because they are independent, different temperatures can be applied on the heating blocks at the same time. Each single measurement can be started individually – directly on the instrument – once the sample has been put in position.

Starting a measurement on a stability measurement analyzer

Control all your stability measurements with one PC

If you’re dealing with larger sample loads, you can connect up to four Rancimats to a single PC.

This allows you to analyze up to 32 samples at a time, using a single computer.

Professional Rancimat system for oxidation stability measurement with dedicated software on laptop computer

Disposable reaction vessels – time-saving, clean, and inexpensive

The Rancimat uses favorably-priced disposable reaction vessels.

This means that there is no need for time-consuming cleaning after each measurement. In addition to saving time and costs, the reproducibility of results is improved because the single-use vessels prevent carryover-effects.

Reaction vessel for oxidation stability measurement in fats and oils

The established Rancimat method

The Rancimat method is an established tool for the determination of oxidation stability.

It is based on accelerating the aging process of the sample by raising its temperature and passing a continuous stream of air through it. The air flow transports volatile oxidation products from the sample vessel into a vessel containing distilled water.

The conductivity of this water is continuously measured. Conductivity increases in this vessel once oxidation products emerge. A sudden, strong increase in conductivity – revealed by an inflection in the curve – marks the induction time.

Professional Rancimat system for oxidation stability measurement in natural fats and oils