Pre-calibrations for Vision Air Vis-NIR spectroscopy software

Quick start to determination of various quality parameters in several industries.

Pre-calibrations for NIR spectroscopy offer you a ready-to-use solution to determine multiple quality parameters for various products, such as polymers, polyols and fuels. Pre-calibrations are calibration models based on numerous real products spectra. With these calibration packages, you can skip method development and obtain precise and accurate results from day one.

UV/Vis spectroscopy analyzer in use with Vision spectroscopy software

Benefits of pre-calibrations for Vision Air

  • Immediately ready to measure:
    No Method development required
  • Our expertise in your hands:
    Based on numerous real product spectra
  • Straightforward implementation:
    Easy to install and operate
Lab technician unsing a near-infrared spectroscopy analyzer with a probe

Check out our pre-calibrations

Polymers, polyols, gasoline, diesel, kerosine, and lumber industry: We offer a wide range of pre-calibrations that can be implemented and applied quickly.
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