B&W Tek handheld Raman analyzers

Handheld Raman spectroscopy has contributed to increased quality control and sample screening through cost-effective, easy-to-use analyzers that can be used at the point of need.

Raman spectroscopy can be used for direct sample analysis typically without preprocessing or preparation. Raman has the unique capability of being able to test a sample directly through transparent packing material like glass or plastic, making it a fast, easy method that can be used for material identification and analysis wherever it is needed. With their portability and intuitive operation, handheld Raman spectrometers considerably increase efficiency by eliminating the need for additional space and wet chemistry.

B&W Tek handheld Raman solutions

Key features

  • Non-destructive material identification and verification
  • No sample preparation required
  • Analysis through glass or plastic
  • Fast, straightforward procedures
  • Highly sensitive spectrometers with repeatable results
  • Intuitive software with easy touchscreen operation

Handheld Raman Solutions systems (7)

TacticID Mobile

The TacticID® Mobile is an economical, ergonomic 1064nm handheld Raman spectrometer with targeted libraries for rapid, non-destructive identification of narcotics, hazardous chemicals and suspicious materials. Designed for easy field operation by safety personnel, samples can be rapidly scanned directly through transparent containers, with identification results clearly displayed on the large, high-brightness and resolution touch screen.The TacticID Mobile uses Raman spectroscopy to measure the molecular fingerprint of a sample that is identified with the embedded spectral library of over 1,200 narcotics, precursors, toxic and common chemical, pharmaceutical drugs and explosives. With point-of-need identification, first responders get actionable sample identification in less than a minute, accompanied with safety information (GHS and NFPA704), allowing for rapid response with greater certainty.With the TacticID Mobile 1064 nm excitation laser users can identify tough street samples, colored samples, and impure samples with minimal fluorescence interference. The system can be operated with the touchscreen and hard button interface for use even wearing protective gear. It has a compact design with ruggedized IP68 rubber protection, compliant with MIL-STD-810H drop test.Additional information can be added with each scan including pictures, location tagging, notes, and other identifying information, giving a comprehensive report with all pertinent information in one document. User-created libraries and customization also available.

NanoRam-1064 Handheld Raman Spectrometer

The NanoRam-1064 is a high-performance handheld Raman Spectrometer for nondestructive identification and verification of incoming raw materials, such as APIs, excipients, and intermediates, regardless of their color. Compact and agile, the NanoRam-1064 can be used by non-technical users to rapidly identify samples in the warehouse, on the loading ramp, in the field or in the laboratory, minimizing quarantine areas and expediting materials through the manufacturing lifecycle. Utilizing Raman technology, the NanoRam-1064 minimizes fluorescence and can identify a large range of samples by distinguishing between different grades of cellulose, polysorbate and Opadry®. Rapid incoming material testing with the NanoRam-1064 can be performed through transparent containers, all the while maintaining sample volume and integrity. The unit also offers full onboard library and method validation, making a complinat workflow for methods and library development.The NanoRam is fully compliant with the US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and Part 1040.10, and can play an integral role in cGMP-compliant facilities. The NanoRam-1064 meets the requirements of Raman spectroscopy methods including the US Pharmacopeia <858>, European Pharmacopeia 2.2.48, Japanese Pharmacopeia 2.26, as well as the People’s Republic of China Pharmacopeia Directives on Raman Spectroscopy. Raman is a recognized method for complying with the PIC/S & GMP directives regarding 100% identity assurance for starting materials. A complete range of training courses and support services is available, including IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ implementation services, as well as method and/or new library development support.
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Pharmaceutical analysis: NanoRam

B&W Tek NanoRam handheld Raman spectrometers

The NanoRam is the ideal solution for incoming material identification and verification, at-line sampling, final inspection, and counterfeit drug detection.

Offering laboratory-grade performance in the palm of your hand, this handheld Raman spectrometer is quickly becoming the industry standard for quality control and anti-counterfeiting.

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Forensic analysis: TacticID

B&W Tek handheld Raman analyzers

The TacticID from B&W Tek is a field-ready handheld spectral analysis instrument designed for rapid, nondestructive chemical identification, reducing operational uncertainty and response time of safety personnel including law enforcement, bomb squads, hazmat teams, and first responders.

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NanoRam Raman for raw material identification

Robust hardware provides high quality data with low noise, leading to consistent and reliable results with fast measurement times. Even samples that have weak Raman signal can be identified with the NanoRam because of this high dynamic range system.
  • Broad spectral range as low as 176 cm-1 for more spectral data to improve identification capabilities
  • Method and library transfer between devices for company-wide deployment
  • User-definable methods and libraries to meet specific analysis needs
  • Robust algorithms for reliable material verification
  • TE cooling allows for greater stability of the instrument, providing consistent and reliable results with fast measurement times

Want to know more about handheld Raman in the pharmaceutical industry?

Watch this webinar and see what Katherine from B&W Tek and Sulaf from Bournemouth University have to say.


TacticID Raman spectrometers for identification of unknowns in safety and security 

The TacticID utilizes lab-proven Raman spectroscopy, allowing users to get real-time actionable identification of unknown chemicals, explosives, narcotics and many other substances while reducing operational uncertainty and response time without ever compromising the integrity of the sample or the chain of evidence.

For full flexibility to identify the greatest variety of materials, there are models with 785 and 1064-nm laser excitation available with a variety of sampling accessories to match your requirements. The TacticID Plus uses the versatile 785-nm laser excitation, while even more challenging samples, including those with color, can be identified with the TacticID-1064 and the TacticID Mobile. The full TacticID suite of products cover the needs for field identification by law enforcement and first defenders.

TacticID handheld Raman spectrometers for hazmat adn drug identification

TacticID 1064 handheld Raman analyzer with 1064 nm wavelength, suitable for the identification of impure, colored, and darker substances, e.g., street-level drugs, narcotics, explosives, and hazardous chemicals.

TacticID GP Plus handheld Raman analyzer with 785 nm wavelength, suitable for fast identification of narcotics and chemicals.

TacticID Mobile is an economical, ergonomic 1064 nm handheld Raman spectrometer with targeted libraries of over 1,200 compounds for rapid, non-destructive identification of narcotics, hazardous chemicals and suspicious materials.

More features of TacticID

B&W Tek handheld Raman analyzer with customized libraries

Customized libraries

Add user-created library items quickly & easily to stay one step ahead of emerging threats.

B&W Tek TacticID handheld Raman analyzer with safety info on screen

Safety info on screen

GHS and NFPA704 safety information displays in addition to red, yellow and green result screens, providing immediate visual safety information.

B&W Tek TacticID handheld Raman spectrometer with on-board camera

On-board camera

Take photos at the scene and record any sample info using the onboard camera; photos and notes are included in the test report.