Analyzers for many applications: online and atline process analyzers

The 204Y series stands for robust and advanced Process Analyzers.

Based on 40 years of process experience the 204Y series is capable of tackling any challenging application using titration, Karl Fischer titration, ISE, colorimetry, voltammetry, and CVS techniques. If required, we will design and deliver sample preconditioning systems to optimize the sample delivery and preparation to guarantee a successful installation.

ADI 2045TI

Key features

  • Modular design for maximum flexibility and adaptation to your process requirements
  • IP66/NEMA4-rated with Ex proof series suitable for hazardous Zone 1 and 2 areas
  • Easy operation with Touch Screen and remote control from any location
  • Dedicated VA version for trace metal analysis and for organic additives with CVS

ADI 204Y – Multifunctional Process Analyzers systems (2)

Introduce lab precision in your production lines

Metrohm Process Analytics ADI 204Y analyzers unite the robustness and reliability required for process monitoring with the precision and accuracy of an analytical lab.

Thus, you will benefit from a system that can be operated in harsh environments and from very precise, reliable results.

Shelter for analyzers for monitoring in industrial processes

Modularity for countless combinations

Each analyzer is set up according to the user’s specific requirements using modular parts and modules that are needed for the analysis to be carried out.

This flexible layout also allows for a combination of several analysis modules for multiparameter measurements on multiple streams.

Wet part of a process analyzer for online/atline monitoring

Have your system as you need it

We can supply an analyzer that is specifically tailored to your process needs.

In addition to the analyzer, we can engineer and provide virtually any sample preconditioning system, such as cooling or heating, pressure reduction and degassing, filtration, and many more.

This allows you to implement the specific analytical tool you require. Your analyses will therefore be consistent and deliver results you can trust.
Shelter for process analyzers used in petroleum industry for monitoring

Time-tested methods for reliable results

The ADI 204Y family of analyzers apply a variety of methods to ensure reliable and reproducible results for process control.

The ADI 2045VA Voltammeter is the analyzer you need to analyze trace levels of metals or monitor plating baths (e.g., for brightener, leveler, or suppressor determination). This online analyzer can measure a variety of metal ions and is therefore suitable for a variety of industries and areas, such as mining and water quality control.

Process Analyzer for voltammetric trace analysis for online monitoring of water and wastewater quality

The ADI 2045TI Ex proof version: play it safe – and easy

In hazardous environments, where concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, or dust occur, it is vital that instruments be safe to operate and do not initiate an explosion.

The Ex proof version of the ADI 2045TI affords you this safety and protection in accordance with EU Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX95) and is certified for Zones I and II. However, high safety does not necessarily mean high maintenance in regard to time-consuming permit approvals and procedures: this analyzer is designed in such a way that the need for “hot work permits” is eliminated when conducting routine maintenance.

Explosion-proof online process analyzer for titration, Karl Fischer titration, colorimetry, and more


Integrating new methods is very easy. Ultimately, this helps us to reduce costs quite significantly!
Carsten Thoene, Lufthansa Technik, Germany