2060 Platform – Ultimate flexibility in Process Analytics

The 2060 Process Analyzers enable customized online monitoring of industrial processes with multiple parameters and streams.

The 2060 Process Analyzers are the most versatile analyzers in the Metrohm Process Analytics product portfolio. With a variety of techniques, the analyzers enable 24/7 online monitoring of critical chemical parameters in industrial processes and wastewater streams.

Key features

  • Modular flexibility to up to four cabinets
  • Implementation of multiple analysis techniques to cover countless applications

  • Industrial enclosures for harsh process environments

  • Intuitive software designed to efficiently program and control the analyzers with various analysis applications (e.g. tiamo, MagIC Net, ...)

2060 Process Analyzers systems (3)

Solutions for all major industries

World-leading companies rely on our robust process analyzers across many industries. Applications are numerous and the 2060 Process Analyzers are the best solution to solve the most typical and challenging applications:
  • Petrochemistry
  • Chemicals
  • Semiconductor
  • Mining

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2060 Process Analyzer for industrial analysis and online monitoring in the petrochemical, chemical, mining, and semiconductor industries

Maximum flexibility for countless combinations

This new flexible layout allows numerous combinations of multiple analysis modules for multiparameter measurements on multiple streams.

Metrohm Process Analyzers are well known for its modular configuration concept, we have now taken that flexibility one step further. The Metrohm 2060 Process Analyzers not only offer modularity within one cabinet, but also can contain up to four cabinets to create one single analyzer platform. The multi cabinet configuration allows maximum flexibility to solve complex process monitoring challenges that contribute to sophisticated plant automation.

2060 Process Analyzer configurations for multi-method process monitoring in industrial applications

One platform – multiple analytical techniques possibilities

Wet chemistry for process monitoring

The 2060 Process Analyzer is the most versatile wet chemical analyzer for your process. This analyzer offers multiple configurations for wet chem analysis: titration, Karl Fischer titration, photometry, direct measurement and standard addition methods.

                        Titration icon                Photometry icon

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Ion chromatography for process monitoring

Continuous, reliable, and reproducible analysis of multi-ionic compounds are the main benefits of our 2060 IC Process Analyzer. This analyzer can be configured using wet part modules to prepare samples before analysis and measure several sample streams for easy process monitoring around your plant.

                                              Ion chromatography, icon

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Analyzers tailored to your requirements

Metrohm Process Analytics can engineer and supply virtually any “unit operation” for sample preconditioning and can provide a complete working solution for most industrial processes.

Besides the chemical analysis, sample preparation, preconditioning and location of the analyzer are deciding factors for the success of online and atline analysis. We can provide a full solution for almost any application; an analyzer in combination with sample preparation or even a complete turnkey package with a shelter, piping, wiring, and interfacing. This allows for a seamless startup and integration of the analyzer on-site.

Preconditioning setup of a 2060 Process Analyzer for tailored sample preconditioning in industrial process monitoring

Flexible software for straightforward control

Designed to efficiently program and control the analyzer.

Using so-called time programming sheets the analyzer program execution is displayed in a clear graphical timeline representation. Alarms can be programmed to monitor the current status of the analyzer and the process and can be communicated using Modbus or discrete I/O.

Depending on which analytical technique is required for your process, we have the best software solutions for you:

Control panel of 2060 Process Analyzer for online monitoring of industrial processes