2060 IC Process Analyzer

The 2060 IC Process Analyzer enables customized online ion chromatography monitoring of industrial processes with multiple parameters and streams.

Based on the 2060 online analysis platform, the 2060 IC Process Analyzer is a complete and flexible system for online monitoring of ionic compounds in aqueous media from ng/L to % concentrations.

2060 IC Process Analyzer: Online monitoring of industrial processes

Key features

  • Flexible

    Combine multiple cabinets and even place different cabinets in different locations

  • Versatile

    Determine several parameters in parallel in one analysis

  • Precise

    Achieve high precision analyses of a wide spectrum of analytes with multiple types of detectors

  • Autonomous

    24/7 unattended operation combined with continuous eluent generation

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Focused applications, no matter which industry

The 2060 IC Process Analyzer is capable of performing a wide variety of applications. It can monitor from amines during synthesis to analyze anions and cations in water taken directly from a river. Applications that are already used in the laboratory can be transferred directly to the 2060 IC Process Analyzer without any problem. The 2060 IC Process Analyzer can be integrated in the following industries:

  • Energy/power plant
  • Surface finishing
  • Chemical
  • Food and beverages
  • Environmental / Wastewater

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2060 IC Process Analyzer: For energy/power plants, surface finishing, chemical, food and beverage, and environmental / wastewater industries

Limitless options for process analysis

With integrated liquid handling and eluent production, the 2060 IC Process Analyzer makes calibration and validation as simple as pressing a button.

Inside each analytical cabinet, up to twelve wet part modules can be configured for maximum application flexibility, such as sample pretreatment or connecting up to 20 more sample streams.

The 2060 IC Process Analyzer requires ultrapure water to run analyses. For secure operation and convenience, ultrapure water can be continuously generated inline with the PURELAB® flex 5/6 from ELGA®. This is the only instrument on the market with a pressureless water feed option, meaning less wear and less replacement of the purification packs, saving you money in your process.

2060 IC Process Analyzer: Modular configuration for maximal flexibility

From lab to the process

The built-in Metrohm ion chromatograph is at the heart of the 2060 IC Process Analyzer. It is designed for autonomous operation with absolute reliability, based on our decades of experience as a leader in this technique.

Many laboratory methods developed over the years by our experts at Metrohm can be transferred directly to the 2060 IC Process Analyzer, making the move from labor-intensive checks to continuous online monitoring effortless.

Thanks to the modular architecture of the wet part and the possibility to combine multiple cabinets and even place different cabinets in different locations, the 2060 IC Process Analyzer can be connected to up to 20 sample streams for time-saving sequential analysis at multiple areas inside a plant. 

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2060 IC Process Analyzer: Effortless move from labor-intensive checks to continuous online monitoring.

Software optimized for process environments

The 2060 IC Process Analyzer features a unique software for automated ion chromatography analyses and online process control.

Our 2060 software is more than your average instrument software. It was designed to efficiently program and control the analyzer for any industrial application. Using so-called "time programming sheets", the analyzer's program execution is displayed in a clear graphical timeline representation.

Alarms can be programmed to monitor the current status of the analyzer and the data can be communicated using a variety of process communication protocols (e.g., Modbus or Discrete I/O).

In the background, MagIc Net controls the IC hardware of the analyzer, collects relevant information generated by the system, and presents the analysis data in an accessible way.

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2060 IC Process Analyzer: MagIC Net


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