202X Series – single-method Process Analyzers

Online wet chemical analysis has never been easier with the new compact 202X Process Analyzers.

High uptime, low chemical consumption, dependable 24/7 operation, and a user-friendly graphical interface make the 2026 and 2029 process analyzers attractive instruments for your online analyses. Metrohm Process Analytics instruments ensure reliable process monitoring and control day and night, saving you time and money.

We offer three versions:

Single-method process analyzers for wastewater and water monitoring for titration, pH, or ISE measurements as well as photometric measurements

The 202X Series Process Analyzers at a glance

  • Compact footprint for tight industrial spaces: 326x273 mm
  • Safe, rugged enclosure designed to IP66 specifications is ideal for process environments
  • Wide range of straightforward field-proven applications in several markets
  • Remote access and control via Ethernet and Modbus TCP/IP, with USB for data export
  • 7” Full Color Touchscreen shows trend graphs and allows action modifications

202X Series – single-method Process Analyzers systems (3)

Process monitoring: better value in a smaller footprint

Our 202X Series process analyzers can be set up to monitor a wide range of substances and parameters, easily and reliably. The analyzers come in three basic configurations which cover several industries and some of their most important process applications.

The 2026 Titrolyzer applies titration – a well-established absolute analytical method that does not need calibration.

The 2026 pH Analyzer is used for batchwise pH measurements in situations where inline pH measurements cause problems.

The 2029 Photometer, on the other hand, uses colorimetry and is capable of measurements in the low ppb range.

Single-method process analyzers for water and wastewater monitoring
  • 2026 Titrolyzer

  • 2026 pH Analyzer

  • 2029 Process Photometer

Products tailored to your requirements

Metrohm Applikon can engineer and supply virtually any "unit operation" for sample preconditioning and can provide a complete working solution for most industrial processes.

To help further automate your analysis, Metrohm Applikon manufactures sample preconditioning systems such as:

  • cooling/heating
  • pressure reduction
  • degassing
  • filtration
  • and much more
Custom projects can range from a single analyzer in combination with a simple sample panel to complete packages including multiple analyzers, shelters, piping, wiring, and interfacing. Shelters and other specialized protection solutions can be custom-built upon request.
Preconditioning setup for a single-method process analyzer