Portable pH meters, conductivity meters, and oxygen meters

This family of pH, conductivity, and oxygen meters are your ideal companion for routine use.

You can use the instrument as a portable meter or as a benchtop instrument in the laboratory.

Thanks to a large color display, a rugged design, and smart technology, these meters will make pH value and conductivity measurement as easy as never before.

These meters are available as:

  • pH meters
  • conductivity meters
  • combined oxygen meters
  • and combined meters.

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New portable meter for pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement

NEW: Dissolved oxygen measurement

Our proven 913 and 914 portable meters have just become more versatile. Thanks to the newly developed O2-Lumitrode, you can now measure dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, and conductivity quickly, easily, and reliably.
Learn more about the O2 Lumitrode for DO measurement

Smart, portable, robust pH, conductivity, and oxygen measurement

Portable conductivity and pH meter for mobile and benchtop use

Easy measurement with smart meters 

Thanks to a large color display and smart features, measuring is as easy as it gets.

Smart features
914 pH Conductometer in the lab with laptop

Robust portable instruments for use in the field or in the lab 

Use these robust, ergonomic meters for mobile pH or conductivity measurement or in the laboratory on the stand plate.

Two-in-one meters
Laboratory setup of a pH meter with sensors and samples

Flexible data handling and GLP functionality

Store the results on the instrument, print the reports, or export the data to your LIMS or Excel.

GLP and data management

912/913/914 pH/DO/Conductometer systems (15)

Show all systems: 912/913/914 pH/DO/Conductometer (15)

Easy pH, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity measurement with smart meters

With a portable meter for conductivity, pH, or oxygen measurement, you get ease of use coupled with convenience:

  • Read the results with ease thanks to the large color display with backlight.
  • Have two measurement results displayed simultaneously.
  • Don't worry about the sensor thanks to the integrated sensor quality check.
  • Apply time-controlled and drift-controlled measurements.
Color display of a meter for combined pH value and conductivity measurement

Robust instruments: for mobile and laboratory use

These meters are ideal for use in the field …
  • Ergonomic design for single-hand use
  • Dust- and waterproof (IP67-rated)
  • Perform measurements for hours thanks to the powerful built-in lithium polymer battery
  • Recharge the battery using any 5 V USB power adapter or a 12 V socket in a car.
… and in the laboratory: Use the stand plate and mains power supply to convert the instrument into a benchtop meter.
Use of portable pH meter and conductivity meters in the field

Flexible data handling and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

Conductivity and pH meter in laboratory setup for benchtop use with printer

Manage your data the easy way:

  • Store results on the instrument and export to LIMS/Excel.
  • Print out reports directly on A4 or POS printer
  • Manage results in Metrohm's tiBase software
914 pH Conductometer in the lab with laptop

Built-in GLP compliance:

Ensure Good Laboratory Practice with these conductivity and pH meters. The password-protected expert mode ensures that settings are not changed accidentally.

Our range of dissolved oxygen/conductivity/pH meters and sensors

Portable meters for conductivty and pH measurements
Portable pH and conductivity meter with sensor and accessories in transport case
Electronic Load Interface used to control third-party electronic loads or power supplies
Selection of electrodes and sensors for chemical analysis

We offer dedicated versions for pH, conductivity, and combined measurements. The instruments are available as portable meters, two-in-one instruments for mobile or laboratory use, and with an accessories case.

> pH meters

> Conductivity meters

> Combined oxygen meters

> Combined conductivity and pH meters

We offer a range of electrodes for our portable conductivity and pH meters.

Find an overview here:

> pH electrodes

> Conductivity electrodes

> The new O2-Lumitrode