High-end modules for customized pH, ion, and conductivity measurement

With the 856 Conductivity Module and 867 pH Module, you can build your own, customized solution – whether you are analyzing large sample loads or multiple parameters, or you want to enjoy full freedom when it comes to method programming and applications.

The modules combine the highest level of flexibility and technical comfort with modern measuring technology and are fully FDA-compliant.
856 Conductivity Module with Touch Control and female operator

Key features

  • Add-on for Titrando/tiamo systems, Titrando/OMNIS systems and stand-alone instrument in one
  • Full freedom of method development with tiamo software and OMNIS software
  • Connections for various accessories including automation
  • FDA-compliant with tiamo full, OMNIS software, or 900 Touch Control
  • Compatible with intelligent electrodes

867/856 Modules systems (5)

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Customized system for your application

With the pH and Conductivity Modules, you can build a system according to your needs.

Whether you want to use the modules as stand-alone meters with 900 Touch Control for operation, or you want to integrate them into a tiamo system or OMNIS system, it is all possible.

tiamo is Metrohm’s proven titration software. It offers you full flexibility: easy method programming, access to all measuring parameters, and a database with search, filter, and preview functions are all part of the package. Read more about tiamo here.

With the 900 Touch Control, on the other hand, you can quickly and easily operate your system via the brilliant color touch screen. This is particularly suitable for routine applications. Find details on the 900 Touch Control here.

Conductivity and pH modules for customized measurement setups

Add sample changers, dosing devices, printers, and more

Via the MSB (Metrohm Serial Bus) and USB interfaces, you can connect different accessories to your meter:

  • dosing devices, e.g., for automatic standard additions
  • stirrers
  • printers to print out GLP-compliant reports
  • computer keyboards or barcode scanners for entering sample identifications
Conductivity measurement module for customized setups, shown with liuqid bottles and Dosino dosing systems

The latest technology

The 867 pH Module measures more than just the pH value: you can also determine the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), Ipol, Upol, ion concentrations by direct measurement or by automatic standard additions, and the temperature.

The 856 Conductivity Module contains a five-ring conductivity cell. You benefit from a wider linearity range, without additional platinization. If you are using both modules, you can measure pH and conductivity simultaneously in a single beaker.

In addition to measuring conductivity, the Conductivity Module enables temperature measurement and calculations of TDS and salinity.
pH measurement system for customized setups, shown with sensor and sample on stand

Compliant with FDA and GLP

tiamo full, the OMNIS software, and 900 Touch Control are compliant with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulation and GLP; data reports from your pH or Conductivity Module thus fulfill the requirements of any application.

The automatic, GLP-compliant electrode test as well as calibration with many buffers and automatic buffer recognition ensure that you can always rely on your results.
Touch Control unit for Metrohm titrators, sample processor, and more

Even more security with intelligent sensors

The 867 pH Module is compatible with the iTrodes: the built-in memory chip of these intelligent sensors allows the storage of sensor data such as article and serial numbers, calibration data, calibration history, working life, and calibration validity period. When you connect the sensor to your module, all the data is read in automatically.

Combined pH glass electrode for measurements in difficult media

Top-notch sensors for your measurements

A broad selection of Metrohm’s renowned pH and ion-selective electrodes is available for the 856 Conductivity Module and the 867 pH Module. Find out more about sensors here.
Electrodes and sensors for titration, ion chromatography, pH measurement, electrochemistry, and temperature measurement