Advanced laboratory pH and ion meters

The 780 pH Meter and 781 pH/Ion Meter are the instruments of choice for those seeking an elevated level of technical comfort and freedom in their measurements of pH, ORP, and ion concentrations.

The meters, which are equipped with built-in quality assurance, guarantee reliable results at all times. Features such as the internal method memory and the possibility to connect different accessories account for that extra bit of convenience.

780 pH Meter with support rod and stirrer

Key features

  • Method memory for recurring applications
  • Large LCD screen for display of results and instrument control
  • Integrated quality assurance including GLP-compliant electrode test
  • Connections for dosing devices for automatic standard additions, stirrer control, POS printers, and more

780/781 pH/Ion meter systems (2)

Easy operation and overview

The pH and pH/Ion Meters are equipped with a large LCD screen.

This makes the meters particularly easy to control and provides an overview by displaying results and calibration curves. To make your work even more comfortable, the user dialog is available in several different languages.

pH and ion Meter for pH, ORP, and ion concentration measurements

Method memory for frequent applications

The meters are equipped with method memory.

This frees you from having to enter measurement parameters over and over again when switching between recurring applications.

pH and ion Meter for pH, ORP, and ion concentration measurements with sensor and sample

Integrated quality control

The meters of this family come with built-in quality control: the GLP-compliant electrode test ensures reliable results at all times.

User identification adds an extra level of security as you can always find out in retrospect who performed which determination and at what time.

Furthermore, thanks to integral monitoring functions, the instruments keep track of, e.g., calibration and service intervals, and they remind you of the corresponding quality control tasks in time.

Lab staff talking with documents

Easy interfacing: Add stirrers, dosing devices, printers, and more

The pH and pH/Ion Meters are equipped with MSB (Metrohm Serial Bus) ports via which you can connect various accessories. In addition, a bidirectional RS232 (DB9) port can be used to hook up a PC or printer.
  • A stirrer that is directly controlled by the pH or pH/ion meter
  • A Dosimat, e.g., for automatic standard additions
  • POS printers that you can use to print GLP-compliant reports
  • Computer keyboards and barcode scanners for entering sample identifications
Rear view of 780 pH Meter with connectors and interfaces

Top-notch sensors for your measurements

A broad selection of Metrohm’s renowned pH and ion-selective electrodes is available for the 780 pH Meter and 781 pH/Ion Meter. Find out more here.
Metrohm pH electrode immersed in solution for use with pH meters