Eco Dosimat: the new standard in liquid handling (LQH) and manual titration

Preparing standard solutions, dosing precise volumes of liquids for sample preparation, and manual titrations – these are time-consuming and error-prone tasks if done manually.

The new Eco Dosimat is the key to higher productivity and better reliability in your laboratory.

This liquid handling instrument comes complete with a digital buret, an integral magnetic stirrer, and a touchscreen.

What the Eco Dosimat offers you:

  • Save time on liquid handling tasks
  • Dose with precision down to µL levels
  • Get the results displayed on a color touchscreen
  • Save and print GLP-compliant results and reports
  • Save and protect your formulas and methods thanks to routine and expert modes

Easy and straightforward dosing and liquid handling made in Switzerland

The Eco Dosimat is designed for ease of use and convenience coupled with precision. This liquid handling system can be operated by any user with minimum training.

Swiss-made quality: Precision, accuracy, reliability, and robustness are ingrained in the Eco Dosimat's DNA.

Ready to go in minutes: Since this is an all-in-one instrument, installation is done in a few minutes.

Eco Dosimat liquid handling system for manual titration and precise dosing

Manual titration with the Eco Dosimat: convenient and precise

When used for manual titrations, the Eco Dosimat allows you to control the titration rate very precisely, thanks to the Manual Dosing Controller. You can accelerate or slow down the titration rate as needed.

Compared with manual titration using a pipette and a buret, the Eco Dosimat:

  • refills the glass cylinder automatically,
  • requires no preparation or cleaning of glass pipets and burets,
  • calculates and shows results on the screen.

Liquid handling: What you can do with an Eco Dosimat

Precise dosing down to µL levels

  • Dosing fixed volumes: Enter the required volume via the touch display and start
  • Free dosing: Dose precise volumes using the Manual Dosing Controller

Control syntheses and chemical reactions

  • Dosing fixed volumes at defined rates
  • Dosing fixed volumes over a fixed time
  • Dosing at constant rate over a fixed time

Prepare standard solutions

Just enter the target concentration and the actual weight of the sample. The Eco Dosimat takes care of the rest, i.e., calculating and adding the required solvent volume.

Document your procedures

The Eco Dosimat generates a GLP-compliant report with date and time stamp for all applications. You can then save the reports on the instrument or print them.

Eco Dosimat liquid handling and manual titration system