846 Dosing Interface: automated liquid handling

The Dosing Interface is your ideal solution if you want to automate liquid handling tasks in your laboratory.

This instrument can be either operated as a standalone instrument for all liquid handling operations or integrated into existing Metrohm systems to expand the liquid handling capabilities of your system.

The Dosing Interface uses the Dosino technology, which makes highly accurate dosing possible. In addition, the 846 Dosing Interface fulfills all requirements of FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 if you operate it with a 900 Touch Control, the tiamo software or the OMNIS software.

846 Dosing Interface with Touch Control unit

Key features

  • Save time for sample preparation.
  • Make your results more consistent.
  • Improve the dosing accuracy and precision.
  • Configure automated dosing setups.

Standalone operation: for automated liquid handling

The Dosing Interface can be used for all kinds of automated liquid handling operations, such as:
  • pipetting,
  • transferring solutions,
  • diluting,
  • dosing, or
  • dispensing.
If it is used as a standalone system, the Dosing Interface can be conveniently operated with a Touch Control unit.

We also offer a complete package for such applications: the Dosing Package, which comes complete with a Dosing Interface, a Dosino, a Touch Control unit, and a 20 mL dosing unit.

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Dosing Interface system for liquid handling

Expanding existing systems with the Dosing Interface

If you would like to add automated liquid handling to an existing Metrohm titration or automation system, e.g., if you would like to automate sample preparation, then the Dosing Interface is perfect for you.

Thanks to the MSB (Metrohm Serial Bus) and USB ports, a variety of instruments and auxiliary devices can be connected to the Dosing interface, such as printers, keyboards, barcode readers, balances, USB hubs, and many more.

Dosing Interface system for liquid handling in voltammetric trace analysis