870 KF Titrino plus and 899 Coulometer: entry-level titrators for water analysis

Metrohm offers a family of entry-level volumetric and coulometric titrators for the determination of moisture (water) in samples: the 870 KF Titrino plus and the 899 Coulometer.

These titrators are small in size, accurate, and robust. You can choose the suitable titrator depending on whether your samples contain high or low amounts of water.

KF Titrino plus

Key features

  • volumetric and coulometric titrators with a small footprint
  • excellent price/performance ratio
  • battery-powered coulometer for mobile analysis
  • automatic start of coulometric titration when the sample is added

Good things come in small packages

KF Titrino plus instruments are very compact and take up very little space.

The 899 Coulometer, for example, has an integrated stirrer and, as a result, an even smaller footprint.

Coulometer for water content determination

Value for money

These entry-level titrators offer excellent value for money.

Like all Metrohm titrators, they are equipped with a high-resolution measuring interface, giving you excellent precision at a low price.

Entry-level volumetric Karl Fischer titrator for water content determination

Straightforward, streamlined, simple

Designed for routine operation, these instruments come with a user interface that is very easy to use.

You will therefore find your way around them in no time. In addition, methods are preprogrammed on the instruments. To start the process, you only have to push a button. Furthermore, to facilitate operation, you have the possibility to connect a keyboard for data entry or a computer mouse.

Entry-level volumetric Karl Fischer titrator for water content determination

Sample preparation: solutions for the most difficult samples

Getting the water out of the sample is not always easy.

This is often the case if the sample is solid, if secondary reactions occur, or if the water is released only slowly or only at higher temperatures. For such cases, Metrohm offers various sample preparation options:

  • Polytron for the homogenization of solid samples
  • Oven method to evaporate the moisture in the sample. If you are using an 899 Coulometer, this method can even be automated using the 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer.
  • KF Evaporator if neither direct titration nor the oven method is an option. A solvent is added to the sample and the mixture is heated. The water evaporates together with the solvent, and this azeotropic mixture is analyzed.
System for thermal sample preparation and coulometric water content determination

The 870 KF Titrino plus: more convenience and safety for volumetric titrations

The KF Titrino plus is suitable for measuring samples with a water content between 0.1 and 100%.

It uses intelligent Exchange Units, which have relevant data such as cylinder volume and type of KF reagent stored on a chip. As this data is read in by the instrument, you don’t have to bother entering it by hand.

With the KF Titrino plus, KF titration becomes safer. Overflowing of the reagent during conditioning is prevented with a parameter in the conditioning options. In addition, you don’t have to open the titration cell to exchange the titration solution – this is done by a pump built into the titration stand. Contact with the reagent is thus further minimized.
Entry-level volumetric Karl Fischer titrator for water content determination

The 899 Coulometer: mobile and secure coulometric titrations

The 899 Coulometer is suitable for measuring low amounts of water in a sample (0.001 to 1%).

In combination with an optional Power Box, the Coulometer becomes a mobile analyzer, meaning that you can perform your analyses anywhere you want. The Power Box battery pack has enough power to run the Coulometer for hours.

Moreover, the titration starts automatically once you add the sample. Having to repeat titrations because the start button was not pressed is thus a thing of the past.

Standalone coulometer to determine low water contents in samples


We got these titrators in 2004. All these instruments are in excellent condition.
Qing Zhou, technical manager of the analytical laboratory at Beijing Keju Chemical Materials Co. Ltd., China