KF Titrino Coulometer

The 831 Coulometer has gained a reputation for dependability and accuracy.

This inexpensive, time-tested coulometric titrator allows you to analyze samples with low water contents (0.001 to 1%) in an easy and convenient manner.

KF Titrino Coulometer

Key features

  • Practical and safe: automatic reagent exchange with Dosino
  • Versatile: stand-alone or software-controlled
  • Adaptable: automated sample preparation possible

Coulometric water determination: reliably and accurately

The 831 Coulometer has proven its worth as a reliable instrument.

Available at an attractive price, it enables you to carry out highly accurate determinations of the water content – down to trace levels.

Coulometer for water content determination

Operation boiled down to the essentials

As these coulometers are operated with Dosinos, changing the KF solution takes no more than pushing a button.

To further facilitate operation, these instruments feature two operation modes: standard and expert. In the standard mode, only the functions required for routine work are available.

Dosino dosing units compatible with ISO/DIN GL45 thread reagent bottles

Flexible system to match your requirements

This coulometer offer you a high degree of flexibility.

You can choose between a generator electrode with or without diaphragm. And you can decide whether you want to operate it with the control panel as a stand-alone system or benefit from virtually unlimited functionality by controlling it via tiamo software.

Logo of tiamo software for titration

Getting the water out of the sample

In some cases, direct titration is not possible, for example:

  • because the sample releases the water only at higher temperatures,
  • because the sample does not dissolve easily, or
  • because it reacts with the KF reagent.
The oven method or azeotropic distillation are possible solutions. These methods involve heating and evaporating the water contained in the sample and transferring it to the titration cell. Metrohm offers various sample preparation solutions to apply these methods.
Oven method to extract water from difficult samples for Karl Fischer titration

One step further: automated oven method

If you are dealing with high numbers of samples, then why not add automation to sample preparation?
Metrohm offers two sample changers with integrated oven. Depending on your requirements, you have a choice between a compact sample changer operated via control panel and a larger, software-controlled changer.
Compact oven sample changer to extract the moisture in samples for Karl Fischer titration


The Metrohm system is easy to operate and saves us a lot of time …
Lin Li, Manager Oil Analysis Laboratory, WesTrac China