KF Ti-Touch and automated sample preparation: convenient and easy to use

The KF Ti-Touch titrator can be combined with an 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer to form an exceptionally space-saving and easy-to-use system.

With this sample changer, you can automate thermal sample preparation and save time and space when determining the water content of your samples.

Automated thermal sample preparation for coulometric and volumetric Karl Fischer titration with KF Ti-Touch titrators

Key features

  • Increased sample throughput, more precision, and less manual work
  • Stand-alone instrument with a small footprint
  • Easy to use thanks to integrated control panel

Simple and clean solution for difficult samples

The oven method offers a solution for the analysis of samples that cannot be titrated directly, e.g., because they:

  • do not dissolve readily,
  • release the water only at elevated temperatures, or
  • react with the KF reagent.
In this method, the sample is heated and the evaporated water is transferred to the titration cell with a dry carrier gas. As a result, only the water gets in contact with the KF reagent, which means that the electrode and the titration cell are not contaminated. In addition, your results are more reliable, as carryover or memory effects are excluded.
Compact oven sample changer to extract the moisture in samples for Karl Fischer titration

Maximum time savings on minimum space

Automating sample preparation means eliminating manual work and thus saving time.

In addition, by automating sample preparation, you can increase the accuracy of your determinations, as each sample is handled in exactly the same way.

Both the KF Ti-Touch titrator and the 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer are very compact. You will get full automation and considerable time savings at the expense of just a small bench space.
Standalone volumetric Karl Fischer titrator with Polytron installed for sample preparation

Keeping it simple with an integrated control panel

Complicated installations and parameter settings are not required for the 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer.

It can be easily connected to a KF Ti-Touch and set up very quickly – the only parameters you have to define are the oven temperature and the gas flow.

Display interface of sample changer for thermal sample preparation for Karl Fischer titration

Save money and reduce waste with reusable vials

The screw-cap vials that are used with the 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer are reusable.

The only thing you have to replace are the septa. This means that you can reduce waste in your laboratory and save money you would otherwise spend on new vials.

Sealed sample vial used for extracting water from sample with heat for water content determination with Karl Fischer titration