KF Ti-Touch: compact KF titrator for water determination

KF Ti-Touch titrators offer routine water determination on a small space.

Designed as easy-to-use and compact systems, they are equipped with a variety of features to make your work more comfortable: color touch screen, shortcuts for favorite methods, KF icons indicating the instrument status, and many more.

The KF Ti-Touch is available as a volumetric system for determining water contents above 0.1% and as a coulometric system for low water contents down to 0.001%.

KF Ti-Touch

Key features

  • Stand-alone titrators with all components integrated
  • Precise and safe handling of KF reagent thanks to Dosino technology and integrated pump
  • Knowing what the titrator is doing at a glance: KF icons
  • Available in two versions covering any water content
  • FDA compliance:
    All KF Ti-Touch models comply with FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11

KF Ti-Touch systems (3)

New: 917 Coulometer

With the 917 Coulometer teaming up with the 915 KF Ti-Touch, Metrohm is now offering a compact, easy-to-use, and reliable titrator for any water content.

Like its volumetric counterpart, the 917 Coulometer is operated via an integrated touch-screen control unit and is capable of analyzing water concentrations down to 0.001%. And to make operation even easier, the titrator will start the determination automatically when you add the sample.


Small in size, big in performance

If you are looking for a compact titrator for accurate volumetric or coulometric water determination, then look no further.

KF Ti-Touch titrators take up little space on the bench, as the buret, stirrer, and the Touch Control unit are integrated in one case.

These titrators have a touch screen display for your convenience. In addition, you have the possibility to create shortcuts to start your favorite method with one button.

And there’s more: the KF icons on the screen will always let you know whether conditioning is still going on or whether you may start the titration.

Top view of a standalone volumetric Karl Fischer titrator for water content determination

No PC? No problem

KF Ti-Touch titrators don’t need a PC, and you don’t have to worry about data security and network integration.

Tamper-proof PDF reports can be created on the instrument and saved on a USB stick or directly transferred to your LIMS or intranet via Ethernet connection.

Connectors on the rear of a volumetric Karl Fischer titrator for water content determination

Safety first

As the KF Ti-Touch titrators use Dosino dosing devices, you can avoid contact with the KF reagent.

And thanks to the Dosino and the built-in pump, exchanging the reagent couldn’t be easier: All it takes is pushing a button. Plus: The 917 Coulometer starts the determination automatically when you add the sample.

The 915 KF Ti-Touch version has a safety-stop function to prevent the titration cell from overflowing during conditioning, e.g., if the electrode is not connected or if moisture is present in the cell.

5-mL Dosino dosing unit compatible with ISO/DIN GL45 thread reagent bottles

Metrohm sample preparation and automation options

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Standalone coulometric Karl Fischer titrator with autosampler for thermal sample preparation


Automation options

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Automation solutions

tiBase software

Administer your titration data centrally, securely, and comfortably with Metrohm's tiBase software.

tiBase software