Sample preparation for KF Ti-Touch and KF Titrino plus titrators

Metrohm offers a range of techniques to prepare your samples for water determination with Karl Fischer titration:

  • oven method,
  • azeotropic distillation,
  • and homogenization.
These methods enable you to determine the water content in samples which cannot be analyzed directly.
Thermal sample preparation, azeotropic distillation, and homogenization for volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titration

Key features

  • Your samples do not dissolve easily? Use the oven method.
  • You cannot extract the water from your sample easily? Use the KF Evaporator.
  • You would like increase your productivity? Automate sample preparation with the 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer.
  • Your samples are solid? Use a homogenizer.

The oven method

The oven method involves heating the samples and transferring the evaporated water to the titration cell by means of a dry carrier gas. This method may be a solution for:

  • samples that release the water only at high temperatures,
  • samples that do not dissolve easily, or
  • samples that react with the KF reagent.

And it gets better: with this method, the sample does not get in contact with the KF reagent, i.e., the electrode and the titration cell are not contaminated, and carryover and memory effects are ruled out.

Metrohm offers the 860 KF Thermoprep for the oven method. If you would like to take your productivity one step further, you can also automate sample preparation and analysis with an 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer.
Compact oven sample changer to extract the moisture in samples for Karl Fischer titration

Easy solution for difficult samples: the KF Evaporator

If simple evaporation is not an option, e.g., for the analysis of crude oil, tar, turpentine, resins, or terpenes, then you can use the KF Evaporator.

This instrument applies the principle of azeotropic distillation, meaning that a solvent is added to the sample and the mixture is heated. The water evaporates with this solvent, and the mixture is transferred to the titration cell and analyzed.

As an added benefit, the titration cell and the electrode are not contaminated and secondary reactions are excluded, since only the water reaches the titration cell.
KF Evaporator for azeotropic distillation for water determination in samples like crude oil, tarp, resins

Solid samples, robust homogenizer

If you are dealing with solid samples, then rely on the Polytron high-quality homogenizer.

The Polytron allows you to homogenize your samples thoroughly and reliably.

Polytron homogenizer to dissolve solid samples for analysis