Eco KF Titrator: Affordable Swiss quality

Volumetric Karl Fischer titration is the gold standard in QC labs when it comes to moisture determination in samples such as petrochemicals or paints: It is highly sensitive, simple, and fast. But most analysis instruments are costly.

Based on our many years of titration expertise, we have developed a new Karl Fischer titrator that is both high in quality and low in price. The Eco KF Titrator is the Swiss-made, affordable solution for routine determination of the water content.

Key features

  • Simple and intuitive operation

  • Accurate and precise results

  • Safe handling of reagents

  • GLP-compliant reporting and documentation

  • Global on-site service and support

Karl Fischer titration made easy

The Eco KF Titrator is a compact analysis instrument featuring a simple and intuitive operation. With the Eco KF Titrator, everybody can perform routine Karl Fischer titrations.

  • Pre-installed example methods are available
  • Titrations are carried out fully automatically
  • Modern and multilingual touch screen
Touch screen: KF titration for everyone with the Eco KF Titrator

Eco KF Titrator: Safety first

Safety first

Physical contact with the reagents is prevented by using a Solvent Pump: The titration vessel is emptied and refilled at the push of a button.

Eco KF Titrator: Compliance

GLP compliance

Reports with the required information can be easily generated and printed or saved on a USB flash drive.

Eco KF Titrator: Global service and support

Help at hand

We guarantee on-site service and support by our global network of local Metrohm subsidiaries and distributors.