MagIC Net – the preferred software for ion chromatography

MagIC Net is the software to control your Metrohm ion chromatograph and any modules for liquid handling, sample preparation, and automation connected.

Intuitive operation, comprehensive system monitoring, and straightforward data management make MagIC Net, what it is: the preferred software for state-of-the art ion chromatography.

MagIC Net on screen with two operators

Key features

  • Customizable graphic user interface
  • Straightforward and intuitive operation
  • Superior flexibility for method development
  • Meets all FDA and GLP requirements
  • Available in 15 languages

Results you can trust – "intelligent ion chromatography"

Ion chromatography should be as easy and reliable as possible.

To this end, MagIC Net relieves you of many routines and responsibilities.  

  • Functional parameters such as dilution factors and injection volumes are calculated and applied automatically (see Metrohm Logical Inline Dilution, MiPT)
  • All results are automatically checked within the calibration range or against any limits set by you
  • Warning messages pop up to notify you of any system or method parameter that needs your attention
  • Superior reliability due to traceability of the entire analysis
Automated ion chromatography system with dedicated software on laptop screen

Customize "your" MagIC Net!

MagIC Net can be customized to meet the requirements of any user:

  • Experts will prefer to have the full scope of the software’s capabilities at their fingertips.
  • Routine users in an industrial environment, on the other hand, may prefer "their" MagIC Net interface to show just a single button to start and control a standard application for quality control – everything is possible.
Screenshot of method environment in MagIC Net ion chromatography software

Your data is protected

MagIC Net complies with the data security requirements of both GLP and the FDA. Results can be traced by audit trail.

Key security features

  • Central user administration with individual setting of user rights
  • Automatic backups of databases and configurations
  • Global GLP and FDA settings
  • Traceability of all actions in the system by complete audit trail
  • Comprehensive documentation of all system components and their parameters (column, detector, pumps, autosampler). This makes sure any particular analysis may be repeated at any time.
User administration view in MagIC Net ion chromatography software

Versions to match every need

MagIC Net is available in four different versions.
  • MagIC Net Professional supports the complete range of Metrohm ion chromatographs, autosamplers and any other modules for Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation and liquid handling.
  • MagIC Net Multi is the client-server version of our ion chromatography software. MagIC Net Multi can be installed on three computers, licences for additonal workplaces are available. This enables central user administration and backups.
  • MagIC Net Compact controls one Compact IC with one detector and one autosampler. MagIC Net Compact is fully compliant with the FDA regulations, too.
  • MagIC Net Basic controls the 883 Basic IC plus, the Eco IC, and the 863 Compact IC Autosampler, the instruments developed with a focus on the requirements of water analysis in routine operations, training, and higher education.
MagIC Net splash screen

Intelligent hardware

As soon as you switch on your Metrohm IC system, the functional components (separation columns, pumps, and detectors) log on to MagIC Net and are monitored at all times. If any system parameter should be out of specification, you will be sent a message in plain text reminding you to take appropriate action. Such messages are triggered, e.g., in the following instances:
  • If the number of injections exceeds the limit.
  • If a check standard does not provide the required recovery rate. The system is then automatically recalibrated.
  • If service on any of the system components is due.
  • If the expiry date of any standard or any auxiliary solution has been reached.
Wizard in MagIC Net ion chromatography software to set separation column limit values


The software layout is very clear. Loading and working with data from the database is very easy.
Yongfu Shi, Fishery Products Quality Inspection and Test Center, China