Higher throughput, better results – automated ion chromatography

The benefits of automated ion chromatography are evident:

You will increase sample throughput while improving reproducibility and hence the quality of your results. Less time per analysis means lower costs and thus higher profits of your operations.

Whatever the number of samples and whatever preparatory treatment, we provide an automated solution to meet your requirements.

940 Professional IC Vario with 858 Professional Sample Processor

Key features

  • Unattended analysis of large sample series 24/7
  • Higher sample throughput and lower costs per analysis
  • More precision and higher accuracy of results
  • Multi-channel use: anion and cation analysis with just one autosampler
  • Integration of any one or several of the Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation Techniques

Automation for almost any number and volume of samples

Our solutions for automated ion chromatography are truly comprehensive.

Capacities range from a few samples to well over 200 and from volumes of a few microliters to half a liter. Virtually any kind and shape of vials can be accommodated.

If you need a custom solution for your vials, we will design and manufacture a tailored rack for you.

858 Professional Sample Processor

Automated Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation (MISP)

The Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation techniques significantly extend the scope of automated ion chromatography.

Techniques such as Inline Ultrafiltration, Inline Dilution, Inline Dialysis, and others automate sample preparation for even the most challenging matrices (e.g., suspensions, matrices loaded with particles or proteins, solid or gaseous matrices).

Learn more about the MISP techniques!

Unlimited configuration possibilities

There is virtually no limit to the options for liquid handling and intelligent injection methods to bring your sample into solution and prepare it for injection. Whatever configuration is needed in terms of pumps, valves, or Dosinos, whether your samples need cooling or be it any kind of intelligent injection techniques, we provide a fully automated solution to meet your requirements.

Learn more about the configuration possibilities for the Professional IC Vario and the Compact IC Flex!

Ion chromatography system with sample processor and two Dosino dosing systems

Intelligent injection techniques for an expanded measuring range

Automated Metrohm ion chromatography allows you to use any kind of intelligent injection: full-loop, internal-loop, Metrohm intelligent Partial-Loop Injection Technique (MiPT), and Metrohm intelligent Pick-up Injection Technique (MiPuT).

"MiPT", e. g., uses a variable injection volume to cover a sample measuring range that extends across 4 orders of magnitude. This means that samples in the range of 10 μg/L to 100 mg/L can be analyzed with a single calibration!

Automated multi-channel analysis: anions and cations with one autosampler

If you need to analyze anions and cations in parallel, your Metrohm ion chromatographs may share a single autosampler for higher throughput.

Such a system enables unattended, 24/7 analysis of the complete ionic load of virtually any sample and in any matrix, depending on the configuration.

Automated ion chromatography system for anion and cation analysis with sample processor

Automatic calibration – things can be so easy!

It goes without saying that not only samples but also standards can be diluted automatically. Metrohm offers you the possibility of automatic calibration, i.e., you only need to prepare a single multi-ion standard. The system injects this standard with different dilution factors or injection volumes and carries out a multipoint calibration.
  • Automatic calibration: You need to prepare only a single multi-ion standard
  • Applicable for IC systems equipped with Metrohm Inline Dilution, Metrohm intelligent Partial Loop or Pick-up Injection Technique as well as all Inline Preconcentration, Inline Matrix Elimination, and Inline Neutralization
  • High flexibility: one method for all dilution factors or injection volumes
  • Sample concentrations up to 6 orders of magnitude can be analyzed reliably with automatic calibration
Illustration of automatic cation calibration with Metrohm ion chromatography systems