Professional IC Vario

The limits of ion chromatography have yet to be reached.

If you want to push them, the 940 Professional IC Vario is your solution of choice.

Engineered for research and sophisticated method development, the 940 Professional IC Vario provides you with the ultimate flexibility you expect from an ion chromatograph.

Experience the versatility of the 940 Professional IC Vario and put together the system for your application.

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Key features

  • Use any kind of column, gradient, liquid handling, suppression, or detection – there are no limits to system configuration
  • Multi-channel analysis possible (two, three, or more channels)
  • Can be combined with any of the Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation techniques and intelligent injection techniques
  • Straightforward automation for high sample throughput
  • Low cost of ownership: save money on consumables

Low cost of ownership: save money on consumables

Less consumables – Metrohm ion chromatography systems help you to keep operation costs low:
  • You don’t need to replace syringe filters or filter caps.
  • You can use the Metrohm anion suppressor for 10 years – guaranteed!
  • The systems and hardware components are rugged and robust.

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In addition, our systems allow you to boost productivity:
  • Ultrafiltration: inline removal of particles.
  • Automated dilution factor calculation and sample dilution.
  • Automatic calibration based on a single multi-ion standard.

Talking ROI: Read this White Paper to learn more

Ultimate flexibility

With your 940 Professional IC Vario, you are ready to meet any analytical challenge in ion chromatography.

Regardless of which parameters you need to determine and the properties of the sample matrix – the right sample preparation, the right detector, and the right extension for liquid handling, suppression, or neutralization are available based on a comprehensive modular system.

Automated ion chromatography system with extensiom module and sample processor

Expand your system as you need it

Your 940 Professional IC Vario system can be adapted and/or expanded at any time with various extension modules as well as with other upgrade options, e.g., for inline eleuent preparation or multi-channel analysis. Hence, you can set up an AnCat system and determine the complete ionic content of your samples in a single run.

Read more about possibilities to extend your 940 Professional IC Vario here.

Ion chromatography system equipped with conductivity detector and extension modules

Superior reliability – we call it "intelligent ion chromatography"

Working with your 940 Professional IC Vario is like having an invisible assistant by your side. System monitoring functions make sure that

  • all system and method parameters are checked against any limit values
  • instruments and their functional parameters are checked and integrated in the method
  • results are monitored and can be traced back to every single step of the analysis
If any parameter exceeds a defined limit, your 940 Professional IC Vario sends you a message – in plain text.
Lab technician working on automated ion chromatography system with sample changer

Simply add water – inline eluent preparation

Combine your 940 Professional IC Vario with the 941 Eluent Production Module and you can produce eluents of any composition and concentration (including organic modifiers) – inline, and even from ordinary tap water, if you connect an ultrapure water system.

Automated inline eluent preparation

  • ensures stable retention times
  • contamination-free working
  • saves manual working steps
Up to four eluents can be mixed, depending on the application!
Automated ion chromatography system equipped with two conductivity detectors, sample changer, and extension modules

Choose any column you need

With your 940 Professional IC Vario system you are free to choose any analytical separation column you need and want.

You can select columns with different base materials, selectivities, capacities, and dimensions. Apart from columns with a 4 mm inner diameter, you can also use 2 mm columns to reduce eluent consumption.

Selection of Metrohm separation columns for ion and/or anion determination with ion chromatography

Run any gradient you need

Various gradient options are available in the 940 Professional IC Vario system, depending on your analytical requirements: high-pressure gradient, low-pressure gradient, and Dose-in Gradient. Gradients are a proven way to speed up your analyses.

Running gradients to speed up ion chromatography analyses: high-pressure, low-pressure, and dose-in gradients

STREAM – the green way of suppression

STREAM (Suppressor Treatment with Reused Eluent After Measuring) uses the suppressed eluent for rinsing the regenerated suppressor unit after the detection step.

With STREAM, you need fewer chemicals and produce less liquid waste. Moreover, STREAM enables non-stop system operation for at least two weeks – and even longer, if you rely on inline preparation of the regenerant.

Challenging matrices? Easy with Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation!

Suspensions, samples loaded with proteins, or heavily contaminated wastewater put a challenge to any kind of chromatography.

Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation helps you to deal with even the most difficult matrices for straightforward analysis on your Metrohm IC.

Read more about MISP here!

Automation – higher throughput, better results

You can use the full scope of Metrohm automation to boost sample throughput and the quality of results on your 940 Professional IC Vario.

Whatever number of samples you want to analyze, whether they need cooling or any particular kind of liquid handling, we can provide an automated solution for everything.

Read more about Metrohm automation for ion chromatography here!

Connectors on an Autolab Multi 204 potentiostat/galvanostat instrument for electrochemistry

Intelligent injection techniques for an extended working range

Your 940 Professional IC Vario can be combined with various intelligent injection techniques.

Think of these techniques as automated high-precision liquid handling that makes working with your IC more efficient while increasing accuracy and reliability of your results.

"MiPT" Metrohm intelligent Partial-Loop Injection, e. g., uses a variable injection volume to cover a sample measuring range that extends across 4 orders of magnitude. This means that samples in the range of 10 μg/L to 100 mg/L can be analyzed with a single calibration!

MagIC Net – the proven Metrohm ion chromatography software

Your 940 Professional IC Vario system is controlled by MagIC Net, the proven Metrohm Software for ion chromatography.

MagIC Net also controls any peripheral modules for liquid handling and automation. MagIC Net records the results produced, enables modern data management and reporting as required by the user. Learn more about the benefits of MagIC Net here.

Laboratory technicians discussing chromatogram in MagIC Net ion chromatography software