The next-generation tool for spectroelectrochemical research

We have created what simply did not exist before: Our new SPELEC instruments include all that you need for spectroelectrochemistry. The bipotentiostat/galvanostat, the spectrometer, and the light source are all integrated into the instrument controlled by a single, dedicated software. You can thus obtain all the relevant data from a single source and in one software.

The benefits of the integrated SPELEC instrument

  • Potentiostat, spectrometer, and light source in one instrument
  • All information in one software
  • More experiments in less time
  • UV-Vis, Vis-NIR, and Raman spectrometers available
  • Full range of compatible accessories from one provider
  • Suitable for any cell setup for maximum flexibility

Perform dozens of experiments per day

Traditionally, you needed two instruments, each with a dedicated software, and a third software to run spectroelectrochemical experiments. This made the experiments slow, complex, and expensive.

One instrument and one software, that's all you need for your spectroelectrochemical experiments with Metrohm SPELEC. You can thus save bench space and valuable time.

SPELEC RAMAN from Metrohm DropSens for spectroelectrochemical experiments

VIS-NIR, UV-VIS, NIR, Raman: Your choice 

The SPELEC instrument is available for electrochemical measurements in various wavelength ranges:
  • VIS-NIR (350–1050 nm)
  • UV-VIS (200–900 nm)
  • NIR (900–2200 nm)
  • Raman (785–1010 nm, Raman shift 0–2850 cm-1)
SPELEC instrument from Metrohm DropSens for spectroelectrochemistry