INTELLO: Simply better procedures and the most complete data

Metrohm Autolab creates software for electrochemical research that is easy-to-use, and expands your experimental possibilities.

The new INTELLO software continues this legacy and considers the laboratory of the future. INTELLO software is bursting with time-saving features that optimize any workflow. A new platform for your discovery.

INTELLO software: modern and intuitive software for electrochemical research

INTELLO's key features:

  • Both routine & exploratory measurements are possible.

  • Main Parameters streamlines the workflow for easy delegation.

  • Use your PC for other tasks by Untethering while your experiment is underway.

  • Customize the multi-plot overview using the handy Insight Plots.

  • INTELLO protects your data by saving it automatically and continuously.

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INTELLO streamlines your workflow

INTELLO provides simply better procedures: workflows for both exploratory and routine measurements. With a variety of essential procedures available in the Autolab Library it is easy to get started with INTELLO. Main Parameters displays only the parameters you choose, making it easy to perform and delegate routine measurements.

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VIONIC powered by INTELLO: Intuitive workflow management (exploratory and routine measurements)

Unique procedures, real-time insight

Create your unique procedures with the easy-to-use command tiles of the Procedure Sequence Editor and avoid errors by displaying your experiment sequence from the first setting to the end state, and every step in-between.

INTELLO displays real-time command progress and state during your run. Insight plots give you a custom multi-plot overview by combining the plots from different command tiles with a simple drag and drop. INTELLO provides automatic coloring of new series and easy-to-use selectors for iterative data.

INTELLO software: Unique procedures for electrochemical measurements

INTELLO protects your data

INTELLO saves your data automatically and continuously while your experiment is running.

VIONIC has substantial on-board memory to prevent experiment disruption and data loss in the case of unexpected disconnection between VIONIC and INTELLO. Up to 10 million data points can be stored, more than enough for typical electrochemical measurements.

VIONIC powered by INTELLO: data safety

Multitask by Untethering your PC

You can Untether your PC and use it to get on with other tasks at the same time your measurement is underway. INTELLO will let you know how long you can use your untethered PC, and VIONIC’s Dynamic Interface will notify you when you need to reconnect.

VIONIC powered by INTELLO: Untether your PC during measurement to complete other tasks

Powerful data analysis you already know: IN2NOVA

NOVA 2 offers the most powerful data analysis of any instrument software currently on the market. Export your INTELLO data at the click of a button and access NOVA’s data handling and analysis commands including peak search, corrosion rate analysis, electrochemical circle fit, EIS fit and simulation analysis, with over 30 pre-defined equivalent circuits.

VIONIC powered by INTELLO: Powerful data analysis with Nova

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