Autolab Spectroelectrochemistry

Easy, integrated, accurate – perform spectroelectrochemical measurements with Autolab Spectroelectrochemistry. 

Our solution for spectroelectrochemistry allows you to add spectroelectrochemistry to your existing Autolab electrochemical setup.

Light source, spectrophotometer, and accessories are all from a single source, thus ensuring compatibility and easy integration.

Autolab Spectroelectrochemistry Spectrophotometer Light source

Key features

  • All you need out of one box:
    Integrated solution from a single supplier.
  • Easy measurement:
    All components controlled in NOVA software.
  • Flexibility:
    Set up your experiment easily.
  • Two spectro-photometers:
    for ultra-violet, visible, and near-infrared range
  • Deuterium/halogen light source:
    light output between 200 and 2500 nm

Autolab Spectroelectrochemistry systems (5)

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The Autolab Spectroelectrochemistry solution in detail:

  • The spectrophotometers

  • The light source

  • Possibilities and application areas

NOVA software

Modern software solution for electrochemical research with Autolab instruments: experiment configuration, data acquisition, and data analysis.

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Integrated instrument with bipotentiostat/galvanostat, spectrometer, and light source.

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