NOVA and SDK software: dedicated solutions for electrochemistry

The control software is a crucial component in modern instrumentation. The most sophisticated piece of equipment may be useless if it is controlled with inappropriate software.

This is why Metrohm Autolab has developed a full-fledged and powerful software solution that allows you to tap the full potential of your Autolab potentiostat/galvanostat: NOVA. This software gives you full control of your procedures, parameters, and data.

Metrohm Autolab has also devised the Software Development Kit (SDK), a software product that enables control of Autolab instruments with third-party applications, thus eliminating technical barriers and allowing full laboratory integration.

Key features

  • Powerful and flexible procedure editor
  • NOVA 2: proven functionality with a new, intuitive user interface
  • Clear overview of relevant real-time data
  • Powerful data analysis and plotting tools
  • Integrated control for external devices like Metrohm Liquid Handling devices
  • SDK: control with LabVIEW or .NET customized applications

NOVA 2: a software for any electrochemical measurement in a new look

The NOVA software is designed by electrochemists for electrochemists. It includes all the tools required to configure any experiment, acquire the data, and perform data analysis.

With NOVA v. 2, we have revamped the look and feel of the software. Benefit from the wide scope of functions in a well-designed, modern packaging. Thanks to the well-thought-out user interface, the new NOVA 2 will appeal to both experienced and new users.

> Download NOVA 2 (only for registered users)

The freedom to create your own procedures

NOVA comes with a powerful procedure editor, including a library of procedures covering most electrochemical experiments and an extensive list of commands. These commands give you the possibility to customize the existing methods to fully suit your experimental requirements.

Thanks to procedure parameters, you can also build dynamic procedures with real-time parameter adjustments. And convenient tools like repeat loops, cutoffs, and data analysis instructions make routine experiments easy.

Procedure editing in NOVA 2.0 software for electrochemistry

Convenient data representation

With NOVA, recorded data points can be displayed in a dedicated interface of the software during electrochemical experiments.

NOVA provides a tool to plot measured and analyzed data in real-time, offering a clear overview of the experimental data. You can even modify the instrument settings and measurement parameters while experiments are running.

To facilitate evaluation of measured data, overlays can be created during or after an experiment.
Data presentation in NOVA 2.0 software for electrochemistry

Flexible data analysis

NOVA is equipped with an extensive data analysis environment. You therefore don’t have to export the data to a third-party software for analysis. Creating publication-ready graphs is also very easy thanks to NOVA’s data analysis tools.

What’s more, NOVA provides the unique possibility of transitioning from measured data back to a new procedure in order to accelerate procedure development and reduce the time required to get to the right data.

Data analysis in NOVA 2.0 software for electrochemistry

SDK: DIY interfacing with other software applications

The Autolab SDK (Software Development Kit) is designed to interface to any compatible programming environment. Using this tool, you can easily integrate the Autolab in control environments like LabVIEW or control it with custom-made .NET applications.
Screenshot of Software Development Kit for electrochemistry