Quality control of basic chemicals and raw materials for electroplating baths

Tank cars for basic chemicals

Electroplating baths must contain the exact concentration and combination of substances to produce the desired properties on the materials that are treated. An imbalance in the bath’s composition may result in defective products, thus incurring significant additional costs to producers.

To ensure that the plating bath is within the specifications, surface finishing plants have to ensure that the basic chemicals and raw materials used to prepare the bath meet the purity criteria.

Learn on this page how you can perform quality control of incoming basic chemicals used for electroplating baths. Our analytical solutions include:

Determining acids and bases with titration

Sulfuric and hydrochloric acid as well as sodium hydroxide, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide

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Impurity analysis with ion chromatography

Impurities in etching, extracting, and rinsing solutions. Impurities, e.g., in H2O2 and isopropanol …

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Heavy metal analysis with voltammetry

Zinc, cadmium, lead, nickel, cobalt, and iron

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Chemicals in glassware

Some of the most frequently used basic chemicals in the electroplating industry are:

  • Sulfuric acid
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Ammonia
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Their purity is normally determined with potentiometric titration to ensure that the particular mixture is correct. Titration is a well-established, reliable, and simple method to determine such substances. If you would like more details, learn more about our titration product range and browse our titration applications for etching and electroplating bath analysis.

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Products and more information

2026 Titrolyzer single-method process analyzer for titrimetric applications

Online monitoring of sulfuric and hydrochloric acid

Metrohm Process Analytics offers the 2026 Titrolyzer to monitor sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid concentrations online.

Brochure: Sulfuric acid analysis Brochure: Hydrochloric acid analysis 2026 Titrolyzer: Learn more
Titrando potentiometric titrator with touch control unit

Dedicated titrator for the plating industry: Plate Titrando

We offer a dedicated Titrando model for titration applications in the electroplating industry.

Go to the Plate Titrando page
Titrando potentiometric titrator with touch control unit and user

Metrohm titrators and automation solutions

Check out our entire range of titrators for any requirements, from simple stand-alone systems to large systems with optional sample preparation and automation.

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Ion chromatography analysis fluoride chloride nitrite bromide nitrate phosphate sulfate

Impurities in basic chemicals may alter the properties of a bath and therefore the plating properties. By using ion chromatography, you are able to determine impurities in substances such as hydrogen peroxide or isopropanol, among others.

For such determinations, Inline Matrix Elimination is added to an ion chromatography system.

If you need to determine ultratraces, then an ion chromatography system with Inline Matrix Elimination and additionally Inline Preconcentration is the best choice.

Check out our application notes below or learn more about our ion chromatography systems and inline sample preparation solutions.

Products and more information

Chemical analysis in electroplating baths and the surface finishing industry

IC Applications for the plating and electronics industry

Semiconductor and PCB manufacture, acid bath analysis, and more. Check out our application know-how for the electronics and semiconductor industry.

Electronics and semiconductor applications Plating and galvanics applications
Automated ion chromatography system with extensiom module and sample processor

Check out our ion chromatography range

We offer a wide range of ion chromatography systems, including automation, sample preparation, and detection options.

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Inline sample preparation for ion chromatography analysis

Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation

Our portfolio includes a series of inline sample preparation techniques greatly expanding the range of ion chromatography applications. Learn more about our techniques!

Learn more about sample preparation

Download the ion chromatography applications here

Detail view of the 884 Professional VA voltammetry system

Heavy metal impurities in the bath components can cause interference during the production process. Because of this, raw materials have to be checked for heavy metal traces before use.

Voltammetry is the method of choice for trace analysis of heavy metals. Using voltammetry, you can determine a variety of heavy metals in various raw materials.

Find an overview of the analytes and raw materials below and download the application notes.

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Analytes Raw material Application
Zinc, cadmium, lead, nickel, cobalt
Sodium hydroxide
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Zinc, cadmium, lead, nickel, cobalt
Hydrochloric acid
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Phosphoric acid
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Sulfuric acid
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 Nickel, cobalt Sulfuric acid  > Go to the application