Monitoring the bath composition – Main components

Electroplating baths

In electroplating baths, the concentration of metals may vary considerably depending on the purpose of the final product. Key parameters determining the metal concentration include:

  • thickness of the desired coating
  • type of material to be coated
  • market price of the noble metal

Accurate monitoring of the bath's main components is therefore crucial in economic terms and in view of the quality of the finished product.

Learn on this page what we have to offer for main component monitoring in electroplating baths.

  • Copper and nickel in acidic metal baths with titration

  • Sulfate and catalysts in chromium baths by ion chromatography

  • Metals and speciation analysis in electroplating baths by voltammetry

  • Cadmium and thiourea in electrolyte baths for CI(G)S solar cells with voltammetry

  • Nickel sulfate and hypophosphite in electroless Ni baths with process analysis

  • Zinc and sodium hydroxide monitoring for corrosion prevention

  • Copper and sulfuric acid in acidic copper baths in PCB production